Monday, November 15, 2010

Ricks v. "Facile"

fac-ile [fas-il or, especially Brit., -ahyl]

1. easy to perform or achieve
2. working or moving easily or smoothly
3. without depth; superficial
4. archaic relaxed in manner; easygoing

I don't know if I ever talked about this before, but one of my favorite professors, (Professor Davies--who teaches my Torts class) gives away Supreme Court Justice Bobbleheads! Each class he will ask a few students to quickly define a word from the day's readings that are generally more difficult. (If ever there's a latin phrase, you can count on it being one of the vocab words.) Anyway, a few weeks ago, in my reading I came across the word "facilely." I don't think I have ever seen this word in my life before that point. I looked at it, and I decided that it must just mean easily. This because the Spanish word for easy is "fácil," and because it looks like the root might be the same as that in facilitate. The word didn't come up in that day's vocab, so I all but forgot about it.
Then today came along and I was given my second opportunity to define a word, I was given "facile." I got it right! Very fortunate that I remembered it from before, as I don't remember coming across that word in today's reading, and I didn't know the words before and after mine. But I secured myself a Justice David H. Souter bobblehead.

Do you know someone with a collection of weird things? Maybe not weird, but, things that people would not necessarily think of when they think of collections. Maybe it's your grandma, or another elderly person? Perhaps it's you? For instance, I met a lady once who collected cookie jars... who knew there were SO MANY varieties of cookie jars to be collected?

Have you ever wondered how these people get their start? I think it might look something like this...

(Prof. Davies gave us all the smaller one earlier in the semester.)

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