Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ricks v. Employment Law

I've never really written a blog post from my phone before, but I've discovered that it's not so bad if i use the keyboard. Please forgive me my grammatical errors, etc.

I got great news today, as i found out that i will for sure have the job with the employment law firm in DC. (thanks to those of you who previously congratulated me despite me not having the job for sure.) I'm excited for this job, but mostly it's just a huge relief to have my summer job set in stone. It's not paid, but thatwould be a rarity amongst summer jobs for 1Ls. However, they informed me that after my externship is over, it may lead to being a paid job for the remainder of the summer. That is good news. Talk to you later.

Check out legal articles!  There's some great stuff at my blog.  Hahaha...what?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


5 games are done, four of them were won by last second shots. 13 seed already took down a 4 seed. I LOVE THIS STUFF! My brackets already have begun taking on a red shade. I'm hoping for more green!

I'll be cheering like crazy for the Utah State Aggies tonight against Kansas State.

I've had a great week of spring break. It's been so nice to get to just be a tourist and enjoy living here. I never get to see all of this cool stuff around me. I went to Baltimore today to take Spencer to the airport. It was a stark reminder of just how much there is to do and see in DC. No offense, but Baltimore is pretty lame. From our perspective, there wasn't much to do except eat and see the National Aquarium. DC wins by a landslide in that comparison.

My summer plans aren't quite set, but it looks like I'll be working at a firm in DC. Pretty excited about that.

First step, get squared away with all my schoolwork so I can be prepped for a crazy finals gauntlet once again.

That's about all that's going on. K, Adios!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ricks v. Writers' Block

Writer's Block vs. Writers' Block? Is it a collective problem? Or just one writer's problem that we all analogously apply to ourselves?

I'm just here. Finally got to the weekend. Must say that I have a new appreciation for weekends that I did not have before starting law school.

I don't have a lot to say. So...


Um... that was a poem.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ricks v. Imagine Dragons

It's only a matter of time.

Seriously, I love this band. I just recently discovered If you've never tried it, it's pretty great. It's kind of like Pandora online radio, but keeps track of everything you've ever listened to on it, on your iTunes, and on iPods. The featured band above made my top ten. And I only own 11 or 12 songs from them. That shows you how much I love this band already. "Pantomime" above and a few other new songs are probably coming on a new EP in the next few months. Can't wait. If you've somehow not heard of Imagine Dragons from me already, I highly recommend them. Check them out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ricks v. Sneezing

The title of today's certainly muddled and tossed blog post was inspired by one of the most distractingly joyful thoughts I've ever had in the midst of my terrifying Contracts class. My professor was answering questions and sneezed. As if on the wings of a Spangled Drongo, (which also doubles as a sweet fake insult!) to my mind came a most hilarious image. I tried to post my idea spawned by this image to my facebook status, but was defeated by weaksauce reception in my classroom. Just as well, I've saved the hilarity for my blog-reading faithful.
Enough ado, I decided it would be hilarious to throw confetti in the air every time I sneezed in public. I really want to try it out on the metro. I know I'm a nerd, but you have to admit that it would make you laugh if you saw someone do it. My plan is to carry confetti in my shirt pocket next time I'm in public and I'll just wait for that perfect moment. It helps too that I have rather loud sneezes. (The Infamous Ellison Sneeze. (TIES)) So, it was incredibly hard for me not to LOL in my class at the thought of having a TIES whilst throwing confetti in the air. For some reason I think that it needs to be big pieces of shiny confetti. Big sequins? Anyway, there's my most random thought of the day. Hope you enjoyed it.

So, grades turned out alright. I definitely feared they would be worse. These grades I can at least work with. Finding summer work has kind of been a big distraction and a bit of a hassle, but I'm feeling better now that I know I have a safety-net in a school program that I'm interviewing for next week. It's just hard when I have so much up in the air. It will all fall into place though.

A very interesting piece of news, I had a blood test the other day, and turns out I no longer have hypoglycemia! So... apparently I just get headaches a lot. When I don't eat. I don't get it. I'm always tired and don't have energy either. Must be something else, or, more frightening I think, it's all in my head. I haven't had a chance to talk to my doctor about it again, but the sugar addict in me almost decided to rush out and buy a couple packs of cookies to down instantly to make up for lost sugar time. So, that was unexpected, but kinda cool at the same time. One less thing to stress about.

Another act of nerdery: I just took the Jeopardy! Online Test. That's right. I'm going to be on Jeopardy! Well... probably not, but it's an entertaining thought. I did half decent on the test.

I know it's still basically two months away, but I'm already really excited for March Madness. I know. I'm ridiculous.

Um... I'm done now. Taking a break to watch the Utah State game. I love when they get ranked. I actually get to see their games on tv! (Even if it doesn't start until 11, it's still awesome.)
K, bye.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ricks v. The Saddest Day of the Year

It seems that every year around this time I read an article about how the most depressing day of the year is in the next week or so. (It's been a few different days, but always in the 20s of January.) Anyway, this has prompted me to prepare by compiling a list of the best clips and youtube classics that I know of or have recently been shown. I hope that some of you will enjoy this list o' videos as well. Don't be sad. Do be not sad!

Don't you love January now?!
K, bye.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ricks v. Snow Day/New Year/Grades/New Semester/?

(Jeff's blog-audience slides to the edge of their seats in anticipation for this long-awaited post.) It's 2011. I'm getting my grades back, and it's not fun having them trickle in, one-by-one. I'm still waiting on two more. It's made me a little neurotic. I started my new semester, and I'm excited about some things, and pained by a few things already. (I'm sure you'll hear more fascinating tidbits about these things at future dates.) Week one was kinda rough, but I made it through. Week 2? Hasn't started yet! We had yesterday off on account of Martin Luther King, Jr. having lived an inspirational life. I heard his "I Have a Dream" speech at halftime at the Verizon Center where I watched the Utah Jazz get beat by one of the worst teams in the NBA. However, I was among the few (it was a very poorly-attended game, with the exception of some rowdy single-digit-year olds in front of us who were hilarious and privileged to be watching their first NBA games) to get to see this, the number one play of ESPN's Top Ten Plays yesterday: (Jump to about 2:13)

Great dunk.
Today was a different story. I got up at about 5 am to finish up my homework and I was overjoyed when an email came in with the subject line that read: "Law School Closed Today." Yes, kids. Those dreams you have each day that the weather may avail you a snow-day respite from the doldrums that are characteristic of school days can come true. If you move to Virginia where a bit of ice scares them into such school-canceling fits. By the early afternoon the ice was all but gone. I love living here. Love it!
Look at all that snow and ice! Sure glad I didn't have to brave the roads this morning!
Anyway, I was happy to have some extra time to catch up on my summer employment search. It's quite the labor. I also have the chance to be able to play my new music loudly. (The Decemberists just came out with a new album.) Usually it's nighttime and that would be extremely impolite of me. I really want some ice cream right now.
K, bye.
(Jeff's blog-audience sighs, sits back in their chairs, and moves on with their lives.)