Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ricks v. Snow Day/New Year/Grades/New Semester/?

(Jeff's blog-audience slides to the edge of their seats in anticipation for this long-awaited post.) It's 2011. I'm getting my grades back, and it's not fun having them trickle in, one-by-one. I'm still waiting on two more. It's made me a little neurotic. I started my new semester, and I'm excited about some things, and pained by a few things already. (I'm sure you'll hear more fascinating tidbits about these things at future dates.) Week one was kinda rough, but I made it through. Week 2? Hasn't started yet! We had yesterday off on account of Martin Luther King, Jr. having lived an inspirational life. I heard his "I Have a Dream" speech at halftime at the Verizon Center where I watched the Utah Jazz get beat by one of the worst teams in the NBA. However, I was among the few (it was a very poorly-attended game, with the exception of some rowdy single-digit-year olds in front of us who were hilarious and privileged to be watching their first NBA games) to get to see this, the number one play of ESPN's Top Ten Plays yesterday: (Jump to about 2:13)

Great dunk.
Today was a different story. I got up at about 5 am to finish up my homework and I was overjoyed when an email came in with the subject line that read: "Law School Closed Today." Yes, kids. Those dreams you have each day that the weather may avail you a snow-day respite from the doldrums that are characteristic of school days can come true. If you move to Virginia where a bit of ice scares them into such school-canceling fits. By the early afternoon the ice was all but gone. I love living here. Love it!
Look at all that snow and ice! Sure glad I didn't have to brave the roads this morning!
Anyway, I was happy to have some extra time to catch up on my summer employment search. It's quite the labor. I also have the chance to be able to play my new music loudly. (The Decemberists just came out with a new album.) Usually it's nighttime and that would be extremely impolite of me. I really want some ice cream right now.
K, bye.
(Jeff's blog-audience sighs, sits back in their chairs, and moves on with their lives.)

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