Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shut up, Jeff!

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I think I talk too much. Tomorrow I'm going to make a point of choosing my moments to speak carefully. This will be best for me and for all who suffer with my daily discourse of drivel. I'm gonna shut up now.

K, bye.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Law School News and Where Have All the Weekends Gone?

Law School, Hogwarts
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First of all, I got a couple emails yesterday with good news. I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati Law and I also was accepted to Saint Louis University. Saint Louis has a program called 1843 Scholars where those nominated submit short essays and those selected receive full-tuition scholarships. They nominated me, which is very exciting, but I'm certainly not 100% sure that even if I won I'd want to go to Saint Louis. We'll see. So, that was good news, but I'm dying to hear from BYU and UofU. And I'm pretty anxious to see if I get waitlisted or rejected outright at William and Mary and Illinois.

I have also noticed a troubling trend thus far this semester. I don't get free time on my weekends. Every other weekend I'm teaching Gospel Doctrine in Sunday school, and the other weekends I seem to have an overload of homework. For example, this weekend. I have a bunch of Spanish homework, a bunch of reading to do for my geography class, and I have to actually pick my topic for my history capstone... these things are all due BY Monday. Ugh. I also came home so I could get my W-2s for taxes, but of course one of my employers has decided to wait until beyond the last legal day to send my form to me. So, that's this weekend. But this whole month has kind of gone this way. I hope I get to have weekends again.

Do you want to hear something else that's very depressing to me, but probably laughable to others? My body wouldn't let me sleep in this morning! I was determined to REALLY sleep in at least until 11, but my body woke up at 9. And then I'd lay back down and I'd wake up a while later thinking, "Oh, that had to have been a couple hours, but why do I still feel so tired?" Yes, each time it had only been about 15 minutes. UGH!

Imagine Dragons is a sweet band.

K, bye.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad iNdifference

Being what many would call an "Apple person" I should be all sorts of jazzed about the latest Apple creation right? Wrong. I don't care. I've grown up my entire life using Apple computers. (I'm using one now.) I really like their products and think them superior to PC. I'm NOT one to freak out each time they come out with something new though. I own an old iPod Nano that I won in a drawing on campus. I didn't plan on buying one, despite my LOVE of music. I certainly wanted one, but never saw a NEED strong enough to buy one. I did get a MacBook, but it was many years after I wanted it, and (although my Mom actually bought it) I was fine with a refurbished one that was already a generation or two old (and I would have purchased the same one if I was buying). I just have never been one to NEED the newest technological gadget. I'm only now thinking that I'd actually want an iPhone. Certainly don't NEED one, but I'd get one if it was really cheap. I'm also running the Mac operating system that's now two generations behind. You see, I just don't NEED to stay up-to-date on the latest.

So for these reasons I felt rather apathetic when my co-worker was FREAKING out about the new iPad as news came out about it yesterday. It doesn't appeal to me for multiple reasons. A. I've got a laptop, and I really don't need it. B. It seems like a weird size that wouldn't be sturdy enough to put in my backpack by itself the way I do with my current MacBook. I've seen so many people with broken iPhone screens that I'd be SURE that I'd break the screen on the iPad. C. Is it really going to be all that useful. Really? It seems like it doesn't really offer anything new that my current laptop can't do, except "cool" things like touchscreen. D. Is this really the latest and greatest? There was a kid in my Stats class my senior year in high school that had a tablet PC that he could lay flat and he took notes on it with a little stylus. That was 2003. So... I don't really think this is all that great.

Just sayin'.

K, bye.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Utah Jazz are CLOBBERING the Portland Trailblazers!

I just had to come back to announce how freakin' happy I am about the clobbering that the Jazz are dishing out right now.  It's 21 to 2 with 6 minutes left in the 1st quarter.  I know things could change quickly, but the Jazz are looking AWESOME!  Well, that's all.  I'm kinda a big fan these days.  (It's now 23 to 4.)

Welcome to Rand-O-Mania!! 2.0

Hi!  A friend was talking about her blog layout and I decided that I definitely needed to switch mine.  I never meant to stick with the one I had, but I wanted to change to one of the cool templates you get from other websites and I could never get it to work with all my extra stuff.  However, I decided that I liked this blogger one.  Good enough. 

So, call me an old man, but I'm watching Jeopardy! right now.  Normally there are categories that just blow my mind and I can't figure them out, but just now they had a "Seven Dwarves" category that was essentially explaining each dwarf and the answers (questions) were their names.  It was pretty lame and easy.  The one thousand dollar one was (Paraphrasing) This fat dwarf was very jolly.  Who is Happy? is worth $1000?!  Really?

OOOH!  Cool random thing I learned the other day.  If you combine a ? and a ! you can make a symbol called an interbang!  (Or interrobang.)  I very frequently use that combo of punctuation when I have a question to shout in surprise or anger, etc.  (What the crap!?)  If I can do it, here, my friends, is an INTERBANG:  ‽

So there you go.

K, see ya later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Win Number 16...

Ah, the sweet taste of victory.  I vanquished my foe with a mighty final sprint.  And by vanquished I mean barely beat, and by foe I actually mean my really awesome roommate Spencer.  I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but I added a widget to the side of my blog that displays the count of victories in roommate rivalry sessions.  Spencer and I decided at the New Year that we were going to keep a running record of our wins and losses in sports or games that pitted us against each other.  The total mostly consists of games of racquetball, but there are also a few games of Risk and some other interesting contests included as well.  We haven't had a chance to play racquetball the last few days and so decided to have one contest where we did a "feat of strength!"  (Festivus?)  We both saw who could hold a stretched exercise band in the air longest... Spencer won that.  But then tonight we got the idea to have a race.  As it's ridiculously slippery (I watched a guy fall on his butt today) and icy cold outside we decided to do it here in the apartment.  We just ran from wall to wall thirty times.  We started out really fast but slowed down as we got winded.  I was the fortunate one who figured out a method of having a quick turn-around time, and in the end I won by a breif margin.  Anyway, as you can see, in our "Kenny vs. Spenny"-esque competition I'm not winning.  (We're actually a lot nicer about it than those two were though.)  Spencer beat me at racquetball five times in a row one night.  Hence his 2 win margin.  It's amazing the kinds of competition bored guys in apartments will come up with.  (Fireball?)

K, well, see ya later!

Monday, January 25, 2010

24 For 24 Years

  1. I like when I have co-workers that make work a lot more fun/bearable.
  2. I like my family.  They're cool/great/fun/funny/awesome/nerdy/et cetera.
  3. Sometimes Always I love to eat sugar.
  4. People who make cakes for me are kinda my hero.
  5. My co-worker who brought graham crackers to work is also kinda my hero.
  6. Law schools who toy with my emotions by withholding their admissions decisions from me for prolonged periods are not even kinda my hero, but very much kinda my enemy right now.
  7. Food sounds super bien right now.
  8. Some weird girl just decided she's the Light Captain and decided to turn off the lights in the computer lab.
  9. Learning about World War II in Asia at 7:30 in the morning is kinda hard.
  10. Hand sanitizer.
  11. Yeah, I just hit my knee.  I'm pretty stupid-tired right now.
  12. Half-way.
  13. Why do people consider 13 unlucky?  Really... why?
  14. If I'm already running out of random thoughts, I must be REALLY tired.
  15. I know I've been ranting about this a LOT lately, but Texas Roadhouse is the  Yep, just used that phrase.
  16. Do you remember the peaches song?  It just randomly popped into my head.
  17. Cool scarf.  
  18. I'm OCD (minus the D) about a few things.  I have to have my wallet, keys, and cellphone all with me at almost all times even if I know I won't use or need some of them.  For instance, I walked to work, do I have my keys?  YES!  Am I planning to buy anything? NO!  Do I have my wallet?  YES!
  19. GO AGGIES!
  20. I want to go to China.
  21. Vietnamese people made my warm jacket, thank you Vietnamese people, and I'm sorry if making my jacket sucked.  I really am.
  22. The episode of the Office from last week was really lame.  Really?  A cheesy clip show?  Time to end it.
  23. I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  24. Yesterday one of my roommates told me that my birthday was my "golden birthday."  I've never heard of it, but since I turned 24 on the 24th, it was golden.  Yep.  K, see ya.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Invictus and a great way to donate to Haiti...

Tonight I went and saw Invictus.  (I decided to avoid homework a little longer... maybe this was a good idea, but probably not.)  I thought it was pretty good.  I liked the idea of the movie, but the execution wasn't great to me.  The crowd scenes were repeated and were pretty fake looking a lot of the time.  The acting was all very, very good I thought.  Morgan Freeman is great, and Matt Damon did very well also.  It wasn't so cheesy as inspirational sports movies often are, but maybe that's part of the hard-to-describe reason I didn't LOVE this movie.  It just didn't really build excitement very well.  I felt like it was more just a straight-forward chronicle of what happened than it was an inspirational movie.  I mean, yeah it's a great story about an underdog team that won it all, but it really didn't capture the triumph of the change that nation was experiencing.  I think I expect too much.  It was entertaining enough, and I'm always a fan of the underdog, but I just felt like they didn't capitalize on all the elements of the story that really could have made this a GREAT film.  One last note: I was weirded out by how much focus there was on his security team.  I know they exemplified much of what he tried to accomplish in combining the races, but it threw me off a bit.

Anyway, Nelson Mandela was awesome and I really liked the story of Invictus, but didn't love everything about the film.  It was definitely good enough for a watch though!

I decided to donate to Haiti through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints's Humanitarian Services.  It's always a great option because I know that 100% of the funds go to those who need it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Law School: Adventure Vs. Safety

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So here's the major dilemma regarding my choice of law school. Do I choose one of the 10 that is outside of Utah and have a bit of adventure, most probably a higher debt-load, and the worry of getting a job here in Utah? Or do I instead go the safety-route and pick one of the two Utah schools (assuming they accept me)?

For now I'm just going to keep weighing my options as the law schools' responses come in, and especially looking at employment potential as well as total debt. But there are so many other factors, big and small, that are making me toss back and forth the idea of attending almost all the different schools. (There are a couple that really don't appeal that much to me, and I only applied due to fee waivers.)

It's premature to make a decision or anything now, but I'm really wondering which of these two paths I'll choose. I look at Loyola and the thing that worries me most is employment potential. From my research on them, I think they're not quite as good as they claim to be in that regard. However, that school would be the only one that would offer me a shot at potentially getting into the Sports and Entertainment Law field that--while I'll admit isn't easily accessed and certainly isn't the most noble of law fields--actually sounds fun! I probably wouldn't end up in Utah with that career though, and I think I want to end up here.

Then there's the issue of would a school in Utah actually get me a good job here in Utah. My sister was telling me that as far as the high-end firms in Salt Lake, it's almost better to come from a school outside of Utah to have a better shot at them.

Then there's what everyone likes to remind me, "You'll have a harder time finding a wife outside of Utah." Yeah, I know, but who's to say I'll find one here when I've been surrounded by LDS girls for a few years and haven't found one. Some of the schools I'm considering certainly offer better dating options than others. George Mason is probably the best option outside of Utah. After that comes Arizona State, and then probably Loyola. All the other schools have many fewer LDS students in and around them.

I don't know. I'm just rambling, but there are so many different angles to consider. We'll see.

St. Louis University said that my decision is in the mail.

In completely different news, I'm a Utah Jazz fan again. They're really fun this season! Yet, they're still fairly frustrating. What with sweeping their series against the Spurs (Something that hasn't been done in over 12 years or something like that) and yet they lose their series with the freakin' Minnesota Timberwolves. Wow. They can beat anyone, but they've proven that they can lose to anyone, too. Except hopefully the Nets. I'd be VERY angry if they couldn't beat them.

Well, that's about all. I'm kinda swamped with stuff to do. I better quit blabbing on. I'm certainly open to any advice about making my decision on law school, but I'm mostly just counting on praying a lot about it.

Well, see ya.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BYU Law School is CHEAP!!!

So, as you, my many faithful readers, know, I've been applying to law school.  (Was that enough commas in one short sentence for you?)  So far I've now been accepted to two schools: George Mason, and Loyola Law School.  I was very excited about Loyola's letter to me because it said that I will receive an estimated $84,000 worth of scholarship money over the three years.  That sounds GREAT, right?  Well... when I considered that the latest tuition rate at Loyola is about $40,000 per year, and that living expenses plus fees, etc will amount to another $20,000 or so... I'd still actually have almost $32,000* of debt every year!

Ok... so then there's BYU.  It's in Provo, UT.  Yeah, PROVO.  That's significantly cheaper to live in than Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles.  (The locations of GMU and Loyola)  So living expenses/fees etc. will probably be significantly lower than $20,000 for BYU.  (Their website actually estimates additional costs at $15,070.)  Then there's the tuition.  Without a scholarship it's only $10,280 per year.  So what does this all mean?  Even though BYU would never in a million years give me a scholarship for $84,000, their regular cost is far cheaper for me than Loyola Law School.  Who is significantly lower-ranked, and has again, offered 84 freaking thousand dollars.  Let's hope I get into BYU Law.  $25,000 of debt per year sounds a little better than the $32,000 per year I'd get at Loyola, and it sounds MUCH better than the $55,000 of debt I'd have each year at George Mason.  Ugh.  Money sucks.

K, see ya!

* Actually, I made some errors in calculation of living expenses.  It would be $37-38,000 of debt actually.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh man... someone PLEASE shut him up!

Have you ever had a discussion in a class that just really didn't go your way?  Yeah, I just came from my Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa class and had that very situation on my hands.  I felt like every one of my comments sounded as dumb to my classmates as it sounded to me.  It's only a class of like 10 people, too, so my voice was heard FAR more often than it really should have been.  My teacher even completely obliterated one of my comments that I had thought fairly profound.  Yeah... in retrospect... dumb comment.  I was seriously that guy who causes everyone to think, "Oh boy, he's rambling on about something new and clearly has NO idea what he's talking about, but he definitely likes the sound of his voice."  Yuck.  I really felt like the class idiot.  Oh well, it's over.  Hopefully I haven't solidified in everyone's mind that I'm a moron.  Especially the professor.  I don't think I've done a great job at impressing her thus far.  I feel like I might be her project.  If that's the case I'll just have to show improvement, and if not then I'll improve the best I can anyway.  Wish the classroom idiot luck!

K, bye.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Official 2009 Poll Results from JUST RIDICULOUS POLLS

2009 has taught us many things.  Things like the fact that 43% of people think that the best name for a pet owned by an indie band would be Death Cab for Kitty.  Let's look at some of the other IMPORTANT facts we've learned from Just Ridiculous Polls.  These are some VERY scientific* poll results:

Well, these are important things to know.  Feel free to head over to Just Ridiculous Polls and contribute to these polls, or weigh in on the few new 2010 polls that are already posted.

Hooray for chill Saturday nights!
 *By VERY scientific, I mean not scientific at all.  ...Pardon the slight exaggeration!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Democratic Republic of Congo, George Mason, Haiti...

This morning I went to my geography class on Violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa. We had a great lecture on the DRC (Dem. Rep. of Congo). My teacher spent time there recently and really wanted to communicate to us the magnitude of the situation the people face there. That country is in a REALLY bad way. The factions that are all fighting and years of international intrusion have left a nation that could be incredibly wealthy due to its resources in a dire state. It's quite tragic. After all the discussion about DRC and its issues, my desire to go to Africa is even stronger. I just REALLY want to go there and make a difference. In fact, after I got home from class I sent in an application to win a trip to Africa with a NY Times journalist. The lecture today just put me in one of those mindsets where I suddenly am very aware of the incredible span of difference between the life I lead and the lives of many of Africa's poorest folks. As I got a drink from a drinking fountain right after class I realized that I should even be joyful that I have clean and fresh water that I can trust so readily available. I lead a life full of luxuries that many Africans can't even imagine, and they lead lives devoid of things I can't even imagine. It's quite sad, but makes me want to make a difference. Of course I most want to contribute to human rights, but any difference I could make at all would be great.

After my class I came home and applied to win that trip, and then after a while I headed back up to campus. On the way there I looked at my phone and realized that I'd missed a call. It was from an area code I didn't recognize, so I thought it might be a law school. They left me a message and sure enough, I got accepted to George Mason! Woot! It's definitely one of my top 3 choices. I was thinking it was one place that I was feeling fairly borderline about my admission chances.

So I was feeling pretty great about that and went and bought some food in the student center. I sat down with my food and saw that they had CNN playing on the TV there. Of course they were covering the earthquake in Haiti. It's an incredible thing when nature can shut down the center of a nation badly enough that people can't even get into the country. Watching the coverage brought my mood back down, but also reminded me of how much I want to make a difference in the world. Hopefully the more I say things like this the more I'll be driven to actually do something about these feelings.

Anyway, that was the roller coaster of feelings that I felt this morning. I can't wait to figure out what comes next. K, see ya later.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot-Boiled Drat...

I heard that phrase said on an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show the other day, and I thought it was pretty darn hilarious. 

Random:  If anyone that goes to USU really needs a job, even one with very few hours, please let me know.  There are a few openings at my work that will be available to interview for on Friday.  (Two days from now!)  Anyway, let me know.  You need to be pretty computer savvy, and friendly-ish.  That's about it.

Anyway, all I want right now is to sleep.  However, I'm at work.  This isn't a great place to sleep.  A great place to sleep, though, can be found in the institute building.  It's quite peaceful there, and there are a myriad of couch/chair options.  I had myself a nice 5-10 minute power-nap this morning.  I'm a fan of power-naps.  I always over sleep and ruin the "power" part of them, but when I can get in just a brief 15 minute nap or so, I feel great!  Napping for an hour or more always makes me super groggy.

School is going fairly well thus far.  No major complaints. 

Spencer and I played racquetball yesterday, and my K-nees are K-illing me!  That's all about that.

Hmm... the only other important update that I feel I need to add to this entry is that today I'll be mailing off the very last of my law school application paper-work.  So I'll be officially done applying for law school after I get one envelope off in the mail to BYU.  SWEETNESS~~!!!

Hmm... since I've still got about 2 hours of work left, I think I shall compose a list of a sort that I haven't done in quite a long while.  A RANDOM THOUGHTS LIST!!!

  • I hate making résumés.  Really not a great activity.
  • I ate a really good cherry cheese danish this morning.  Mmm...
  • I just randomly got the song with the phone number "867-5309" stuck in my head.  Or, I guess I should say, I got the chorus for said song stuck in my head.
  • I feel for the people in Haiti.  I wish I could actually go there and do something to help out.  I think it's great to donate money and all, but really I wish I could actually physically help, ya know?
  • I really want to go to Africa.  If I can't get a decent internship this summer, or don't land any other great job, I really want to volunteer for an international aid group or something for the summer.  That would be a dream come true.
  • My friend said a word the other day to describe gross stuff (like skuzz, or goobers, or whatever) that I think is DISGUSTING sounding, but perfect for said definition.  The word?  Bonch.
  • 867-5-30 NIIYINE...
  • I hate when my leg starts bouncing involuntarily and I can't control it.  I'm sure other people around me hate it, too.
  • I just had a craving for a sausage egg Mcmuffin!  Gross...
  • Some people look cool.
  • BONCH!
  • There's some dude that keeps wandering around by the front door of the lab... what a weirdo.
  • I don't think I should be allowed to call other people weird.  Besides, he just left.

K, see ya.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Inverted World...

The title of this post is the title of an album by The Shins. It's not necessarily a favorite of mine or anything, and I'm not reviewing it, but rather employing its title to explain how I feel about my present situation. Whereas I had been going to sleep in the a.m. hours and waking up in the p.m. hours for the last month, I've definitely switched everything around and I'm now very much awake in the a.m. hours having gotten in bed in the p.m. hours. I know that to the passer-by, there is nothing remarkable about this, but to anyone who knows how late I LOVE to stay up, and how late I LOVE to sleep-in, this is a HUGE change indeed.

I have class at 7:30 every weekday this semester, and it will take a lot of will power for me to get over my normal late-to-bed, late-to-rise type of lifestyle. My world is pretty inverted right now.

I'm doing okay as far as staying awake and getting through my classes this morning, however, the very hard part was the getting out of bed and getting on my way. I struggle with that no matter what time I get up, but it's particularly hard for me when it's crazy early. Anyway, I'll quit my whining. I recognize that getting up in the early morning to live my life is a totally normal thing for everyone else, and I should just get used to it. It will take me a while, but I believe that I'm capable of becoming a morning person. (I'll have to!)

Hmm... I feel like my ability to write interesting stuff will be seriously hampered by how tired I feel, but you, my loyal 2 or 3 readers, will just have to deal with it.

So my first day back to school started off with a class that is extremely easy, especially for an upper division history class. She just makes us watch movies and then prove we paid attention the next class by taking a quiz. So it's basically just a participatory class.

In other news, I'll be finishing up the last of my applications in the next couple days. I just need some signatures, and to mail some forms and I'll have applied to 12 schools. I'm kinda going crazy waiting to hear from all of them. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I'M GOING! I just had a conversation with a fellow classmate about my law school apps, and I forget that it's NOT an exciting topic for most others. He seemed highly disinterested. Fair enough. I'm kind of a spaz about the whole topic, but the anticipation is really getting to me.

Well, enough rambling. I'm just chilling in the institute building and waiting for my Spanish class. Wish me luck on staying awake! K.... bye.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why am I not napping?

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This month off of school has been great. However, it has left whatever semblance of an internal-clock that I may have remaining very discombobulated indeed. I sleep more during the day than I do at night, and even when I do sleep it's often not for long and is interrupted. Last night I tried to go to sleep at an almost normal time, but I failed due to waking up after only sleeping a couple hours. I had a weird dream all about escalators. (Some were really fast... which was actually kinda fun.) Anyway, it was the middle of the night so I just decided to stay up so I could go to my staff meeting on time this morning. (Or at all.) I really hope that I can pull it all together and get my internal-clock on a semi-normal regimen within at least a week or so. I have classes at 7:30 am every day this semester. We'll see how that goes...

Anyway, I should be taking a nap right now as that couple of hours of sleep last night is all that I'm running on right now. So... maybe I'll take a nap. Sometime. Possibly soon.

As for law schools: still waiting, sweetheart, just waiting.

Umm... it's frigid. Ok, I'm writing about the weather and I'm seriously struggling to spell... it's definitely time to end this post.

K, bye.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Racquetball, I've missed you.

Racquetball tuckered me right out!  I think I look dead in this picture.  Anyway, it's been since probably September that I've played racquetball, but Spencer and I went and played this afternoon.  As soon as we started warming up I realized how much I've missed it.  It's great playing with Spencer because we have almost exactly the same amount of experience, so we're pretty evenly matched.  We have very different games, but they are fairly equal score-wise. 
I'm SUPER out of shape after the holidays.  I weigh more than I ever have right now.  (I put on some Christmas pounds.)  Anyway, so it's probably a good thing that I'm picking racquetball back up.  I want to shed these pounds as quickly as possible.  I felt really dead after only a game, whereas normally Spencer and I can play 5 games and contemplate continuing on depending on whether or not we have to be somewhere.  Today we played a fourth game and I did NOT move much.  Uber-sluggish!  Anyway, the point of writing all of this is to remind myself of my love for this game and to encourage me to get off my butt more. 

So school is starting on Monday again and I'm once again barely thinking about it at all.  I'm so focused on law school stuff right now that this last semester has just been pushed to the back of my mind.  I should probably keep that in check though, as I need to finish strong and get myself in a decent habit. 

The other reason I really need to start thinking about this upcoming semester is that I need to get to bed earlier this weekend so that I can start waking up at 7 am every weekday this semester.  Oi. 

Well, I'm finally going to shower for the day.

K, see ya.

P.S. I had Gandolfo's this morning!  It was kick-trashtastic.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Law School Applications and the Wait-time

The anticipation is already killing me.  I'm always excited when I'm waiting on a package or something in the mail, and especially when it's something potentially exciting.  Now I have to wait for 11 different somethings to come in the mail, by phone, or even by email.  I don't know where they'll hit me from.  (Oh, happy new year, by the way.  ...uh... cool... anyway... back to anticipation...)  Some of the law schools have said that I could hear from them within a couple weeks, and some of them say they can take upwards of 8 weeks.  Yeargh.  That's WAY too big a window for me.  I've never had such a big window for a package or anything. 

Spencer also makes fun of me for always checking my email, but now I'm probably going to check it always times two. 

Rejected, waitlisted, or accepted?  Scholarships?  I am having a hard time waiting.  Oh well, I guess once I know, I'll just have to go through the labor of figuring out how to pay for law school... so maybe it's not that exciting.  But alas, I'm still excited.  Or at least VERY anxious.

Anyway, I'm sure you (my millions of readers) will get to hear plenty about the many communique that will inform me of my law-school fate in the future.  K...