Thursday, January 21, 2010

Law School: Adventure Vs. Safety

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So here's the major dilemma regarding my choice of law school. Do I choose one of the 10 that is outside of Utah and have a bit of adventure, most probably a higher debt-load, and the worry of getting a job here in Utah? Or do I instead go the safety-route and pick one of the two Utah schools (assuming they accept me)?

For now I'm just going to keep weighing my options as the law schools' responses come in, and especially looking at employment potential as well as total debt. But there are so many other factors, big and small, that are making me toss back and forth the idea of attending almost all the different schools. (There are a couple that really don't appeal that much to me, and I only applied due to fee waivers.)

It's premature to make a decision or anything now, but I'm really wondering which of these two paths I'll choose. I look at Loyola and the thing that worries me most is employment potential. From my research on them, I think they're not quite as good as they claim to be in that regard. However, that school would be the only one that would offer me a shot at potentially getting into the Sports and Entertainment Law field that--while I'll admit isn't easily accessed and certainly isn't the most noble of law fields--actually sounds fun! I probably wouldn't end up in Utah with that career though, and I think I want to end up here.

Then there's the issue of would a school in Utah actually get me a good job here in Utah. My sister was telling me that as far as the high-end firms in Salt Lake, it's almost better to come from a school outside of Utah to have a better shot at them.

Then there's what everyone likes to remind me, "You'll have a harder time finding a wife outside of Utah." Yeah, I know, but who's to say I'll find one here when I've been surrounded by LDS girls for a few years and haven't found one. Some of the schools I'm considering certainly offer better dating options than others. George Mason is probably the best option outside of Utah. After that comes Arizona State, and then probably Loyola. All the other schools have many fewer LDS students in and around them.

I don't know. I'm just rambling, but there are so many different angles to consider. We'll see.

St. Louis University said that my decision is in the mail.

In completely different news, I'm a Utah Jazz fan again. They're really fun this season! Yet, they're still fairly frustrating. What with sweeping their series against the Spurs (Something that hasn't been done in over 12 years or something like that) and yet they lose their series with the freakin' Minnesota Timberwolves. Wow. They can beat anyone, but they've proven that they can lose to anyone, too. Except hopefully the Nets. I'd be VERY angry if they couldn't beat them.

Well, that's about all. I'm kinda swamped with stuff to do. I better quit blabbing on. I'm certainly open to any advice about making my decision on law school, but I'm mostly just counting on praying a lot about it.

Well, see ya.

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