Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun hike and embarrassment...

Stewart Falls
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Today I had a great day off. I went hiking with my good pal Jules. We hiked to Stewart Falls (in the picture). It's the perfect length. You have just enough time to really enjoy nature, but it's not so long that it's painful or boring. I love how green everything is this year, too. It seems like the extra rain we've gotten has made things greener than usual. And it was a hike full of its share of laughs. Jules is hilarious. It really was a fun time.

Speaking of funny, yesterday at work I laughed for a good while about something that happened. At my job we talk to the sales reps and techs on the phone. We usually ask them for their id number at the beginning of the calls. I got a call from one and I was in kind of a wacky mood. I asked him for his rep id and put it in. In our system the name automatically pops up, and his name came up and it said, "Jeff Ricks." I did a double-take, and then I double checked that he'd given me the right number, and I was shocked when he said that he had. I then said, "NO WAY!!! Your name is JEFF RICKS!!? THAT'S MY NAME!!!" I've had people with my birthday, and I've even been talking to a sales rep named Jeff, who was selling the system to a customer named Jeff, but I'd NEVER talked to another person named Jeff Ricks! I turned around to tell my coworker, Ashley, and she looked at me in a weird way and clearly didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did and I reacted the same way I always do when someone isn't impressed with something I say and it's awkward... and said, "K, see ya." I was a lot louder than anyone should be about someone having my same name. Anyway, I finally calmed down and continued on getting information. He wasn't nearly as excited about having my name as I was about having his. Suddenly he was gone in the middle of giving me information. Then I realized that the two guys and Ashley were laughing. I suddenly understood why Ashley hadn't reacted the way I thought she would to this crazy happenstance. A kid named Skyler had looked up my id number (something we never use, but that is assigned to us in the system), and he called my extension on his cell phone and pretended to be a sales rep. It made me laugh really hard. I was so embarrassed that I had freaked out. He and his friend kept quoting my scream of, "NO WAY! ... That's MY name!" Ashley had been trying to tell me all along that I was being duped. But I was too excited about it to get it or to even hear her. The two guys were surprised that I hadn't heard them both laughing the whole time I was on the call. Anyway, we record our calls and I listened to it a couple times later in my shift for entertainment. I couldn't stop snickering about it. I usually DESPISE when I bear the brunt of a practical joke, but I actually enjoyed this one. Although, I told Skyler that now I'm paranoid that I'm not actually talking to sales reps when I think I am. Good times. K, see ya.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jeff's Top 40 Funny Songs List...

How's it going? So I was excited to discover that Imagine Dragons has added more songs to their MySpace page. They're really quite an amazing up-and-coming group. Anyway, in my boredom and music listening, I've created a list of the top 40 funny songs in my collection. (These are NOT in my opinion the top 40 funniest songs of all time, but merely the top 40 funny songs in my collection.) Some of them are only funny to me for random noises in the songs, funny or ironic titles, or for other wacky reasons. Some of them are actually really good songs that are even featured on my top 100 best songs list. So, despite these not all being completely hilarious, most (if not all) are worth checking out. The List:

1. "I Hate Everyone" [Clean] by Get Set Go
2. "Going Fetal" by Eels
3. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by The Flaming Lips
4. "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake" by Grandaddy
5. "Haiku" by Tally Hall
6. "The Group Who Couldn't Say" by Grandaddy
7. "Welcome to Tally Hall" by Tally Hall
8. "Great Balls Of Fire" by Teitur
9. "Ugly Love" by Eels
10. "The Sporting Life" by The Decemberists
11. "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake
12. "Bee of the Bird of the Moth" by They Might Be Giants
13. "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" by LCD Soundsystem
14. "Broken Household Appliance National Forest" by Grandaddy
15. "If I Had $1000000" by Barenaked Ladies
16. "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
17. "Dime" by Cake
18. "Love Stinks" by J. Geils Band
19. "Now It's On" by Grandaddy
20 "How It Should Be (sha sha)" by Ben Kweller
21. "I've Got to Be Clean" by Guster
22. "What Happened..." by Grandaddy [This one is UBER disturbing, haha, funny for morbid reasons mostly.]
23. "Fitter Happier" by Radiohead
24. "This Is How You Spell "HAHAHA, We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics"" by Los Campesinos!
25. "Burrito" by Pete Yorn
26. "Cry On Demand" by Gomez
27. "I Was Born (A Unicorn)" by The Unicorns
28. "Regrets" by Ben Folds Five
29. "Shopping" by Barenaked Ladies
30. "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles
31. "One Great City!" by The Weakerthans
32. "End Of The Movie" by Cake
33. "Another Postcard" by Barenaked Ladies
34. "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" by Dead Or Alive
35. "Your Redneck Past" by Ben Folds Five
36. "2007, the Year Punk Broke (My Heart)" by Los Campesinos!
37. "Steven's Last Night in Town" by Ben Folds Five
38. "Helicopter" by The Feeling
39. "Walk On Me" by Ben Kweller
40. "Chicken Payback" by A Band Of Bees

A couple of additions that I think belong:
41.  "The Rake's Song" by The Decemberists ... funny for morbid reasons again.
42.  "I Need A Minute" by Imagine Dragons ... funny because of one line in the chorus.  :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the LSAT once more...

Well, enough procrastinating. It's time to start studying for the September LSAT. I can take it again at the end of September. My June LSAT was ok, but not good enough. I've been putting off studying again for a long time. Last week I took my first practice test since the June LSAT. It went well, and I got the best score I've gotten yet. So it was a good confidence booster, but now I need to kick my studying into high gear so that I can really improve my score. My friend made me feel a lot better about how much I could improve, but we'll see. My only fear about the next one, (this is sad, but true) is that it starts at 8 in the morning. As you know if you've read this blog very extensively, I'm NOT A MORNING PERSON. So we'll see if I can wake up and kick its butt. Sorry for those of you who got sick of hearing about the LSAT from me, but you'll be hearing about it again. For quite a while longer, too!

RANDOM: So remember how I decided to boycott Arctic Circle because of their lame-sauce commercial? I've had so many hits from search engines because of that. Only, I think it's people who are wanting to watch the commercial online! PSYCHOS!! A: It's a commercial. B: It's a crappy one at that! Ugh, maybe I should add a couple years to their "sentence." I'm a nerd. K, see ya.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day...

I had work this morning. It went fairly well. Can't complain too much, except that I'm super tired. I didn't sleep much last night. I never really do when I have morning shifts, because (like tonight) I can't fall asleep earlier than my usual. It's not great. But that's my comeuppance for staying up so late when I don't need to.

Anyway, after work we had a family shindig for Pioneer Day (a Utah holiday.) We had a dinner and then gathered in front of my sister's house for our annual "Couldesac of Fire!" We put on a pretty sweet fireworks show that was occasionally backed up perfectly by some other people's illegal fireworks flying high in the air. My nieces and nephews were all there and were having a ball. The funny thing to me is that they almost enjoyed the ground-flower fireworks more than the big fountains or the illegals. Haha, anyway, fun stuff. I enjoyed putting on a much better show than my 4th of July effort with the help of my brother.

And now, for no apparent reason...


K, see ya!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness: When landmasses fall in love...

I'm not really sure that title has very much to do with what I'm talking about, but I liked the odd sound of it. Anyway, apparently there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand about a week ago. That's not what's weird, what's weird is that it moved the whole southern island of New Zealand a full foot closer to Australia! (They're in love... and just wanted to be closer. There, I tied the title in.) Anyway, I just thought it was weird that a landmass could move a foot in a matter of minutes. Kinda reminds you how volatile this planet could be.

Random side note, how the heck do they track how much an island moves? It's not like they can stick a stick in the sand. I don't get it. All I can imagine is satellite imagery. But... even then, how could you see a foot's worth of difference? Anyway, according to my source, New Zealand loves Australia. The end. K, see ya.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Album Reviews: "The Bens -EP" by THE BENS?!!!

Kwellacious B
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I had NO idea that this wonderful EP existed until about an hour ago. This is a collaboration effort between three of the music industries most famous Bens: Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee. (It would certainly be awesome if they could get Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) to join in!) I really, really like Ben Kweller. A LOT! (So much that I forgive him for making a country album this last time around. It has so much twang that I can't listen to it, bleck.) I've also always been a great respecter of Ben Folds as well. Ben Lee has a couple songs in my library, but I don't know his stuff very well. Anyway, these three teamed up to make an EP. (Perhaps testing the waters for a full album? Or perhaps for kicks.) It's pretty awesome. It's only 4 songs and I think all of them are great. My favorite is "Bruised." I'd give this album an 8/10 on my random scale that I invented with previous album reviews. This EP REALLY makes me wish that these guys will either do a tour together or will make a full-length album. They tried a few different sounds and combined the styles of the three guys pretty well. "Stop!" is very much Ben Kweller, and he is the solo vocalist on it. I think the other three include vocals from all three. "Bruised" is mostly sung by Ben Folds, and is in his style. "Just Pretend" is all three singing different solos and is the best mixture. The fourth song, "XFire" is kind of more electronic. I like it as well. I know this review sucks, but I'm just excited that I have new stuff by Kweller and Folds. :) Ok, I'm done now. Bye.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog? What the...?

The other night a friend of mine mentioned Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog when we were talking about movies, and I had NO IDEA what she was talking about. So last night I was curious and decided to look it up and see what the heck it is. Turns out it's actually a made-for-internet movie that's about 40 minutes long, and it was made by the guy (Joss Whedon) who made Firefly! (Small world, huh?) Anyway, I had no clue what to expect, and was confused when suddenly the characters burst into song. It's broken into three "acts." Throughout the first act I didn't laugh at all, and I was just trying to figure it out. Finally I got used to it and I actually enjoyed it. It's weird, for sure, but I was entertained. If you've got some time you should check it out on Hulu. K, see ya!

P.S. I realize that it's a year old or so, and most people have probably heard of it, and I'm just way behind the times and I like to write run-on sentences a lot.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A late night haiku or 2...

Focusing is hard
Television distracts me
Ooh! A commercial!

Some folks talk a lot
They should really knock it off
I fear I am such.

These haikus are crap,
Actually they aren't,
They just kinda suck.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness: Trash Tracking/ A serious note on life...

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Wednesday Weirdness: I discovered today that the folks over at MIT have a grandiose plan to track and follow the path of an incredibly important substance... rubbish! It seems that they plan to attach tracking devices to about 3000 pieces of garbage that will be thrown out in big cities like New York, London and Seattle. I know that we spend a lot of money tracking animals in this sort of way... and that seems like a worthwhile pursuit to me... but.. uh... this stuff is inanimate... do we really need to attach expensive tags to it? That seems a bit frivolous. I'm surprised at the things science spends its time with sometimes. I know the point of the whole thing is to reveal how messed up our waste disposal processes are, but really. Is this a great way to spend money? I guess it's good someone's thinking about trash though, we all do spend very little time thinking about it, other than remembering the day to put the can on the road.

A serious note on life: I also saw something in the news that disturbed me, and made me very sad. The last time I mentioned Zambia in this blog it was to mention a funny incident where the President was peed on by a monkey, but perhaps that was what was coming to him. I just read that an editor at the major Zambian newspaper (Post) was arrested for distributing "obscene materials." This isn't what disgusted me. Rather it was what they're shrugging off as "pornography" and just ignoring. The pictures that she (her name is Chansa Kabwela) was sharing with others showed a woman who was forced to give birth to her baby in the streets. The baby died because the hospitals turned this woman away. The editor wanted to point out the violations of this woman's rights, but was criminalized instead. And instead of focusing on what is important about what the photos revealed about the problems with the incident illustrated, the Zambian government just charged the editor with distributing repugnant images. Apparently the images were VERY graphic, but still you'd hope that the government of the country would be sickened with the lack of help the woman received and do something about it. Unfortunately they reacted quite differently.

I don't know the whole story or anything, but I came away from learning about it with one thought. The more and more I learn about the rest of the world and its goings-on, I become more and more appreciative of the life I'm able to lead in the nation I'm able to lead it in. I'm incredibly fortunate to be where I am. That's all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Firefly and a complete reversal of my life?

Firefly boxset cover.
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I doubt most of you have heard of Firefly as it was only on tv for one season, but it was a kick-trash show. I really like it a lot. I've just discovered that all 14 episodes of their only season are available for free on Hulu. (I love Hulu!) Firefly is basically a western set in space. It's really interesting. It's funny, too. My only beef with it is its awful theme song! I would NOT be surprised if it got cancelled ONLY because of the terrible song at the beginning of each episode. It's not awesome. I'm also not a big fan of the space prostitute story line. Ugh. Anyway, if you enjoyed the new Star Trek movie or could see yourself enjoying a random western in space, check this one out. (The movie Serenity also follows the same group of characters, and is pretty cool, itself. But it's been a LONG time since I've seen it.)

I've completely flip-flopped my life! Normally when I post in the AM hours on this blog it's at about 2 or 3 am. Today on the other hand, I'm posting in here at 6 am having just woke up! I went to bed at 9pm for the first time since ... WHO KNOWS WHEN!?!! I never go to bed before midnight these days. So this is weird. I just made myself a morning person. It only took not sleeping at ALL on Sunday night and then being CrAzY tired after work yesterday evening. Now I'm up in the morning and I don't know what to do! It's weird. How do morning people do it? I guess I can keep watching Firefly? K, see ya.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Addiction... embarrassing myself...

Video Games - QueBarato
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I have an addictive personality. It's probably a very good thing that I have a firm commitment not to ever drink alcohol or to use any drugs, because frankly, I'd be hooked to the death. I've been addicted to a wide variety of things over the years. For any of you that know me, many of the following things I'm addicted to will not be a big surprise at all (do I even need to list sugar?), but I think some of them might surprise you.

My Addictions:
SUGAR: I think I've been addicted since birth. I occasionally put up a fight, but it generally fizzles out until I about pass out from low blood sugar. (They tell me I'm a hypoglycemic...hmm... some of these things don't really go well together.) This one manifests itself in a variety of ways (cookies, doughnuts, candy), but lately my major weakness has been chocolate shakes. Especially M&M Frosties from Wendy's.

MUSIC: I love music. It's rare that I go very long without listening to my music. I have at some points been addicted to finding new bands to listen to, as well. This comes in waves. I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I'm listening to music right now.

THE BOURNE MOVIES: Umm... for at least the past 6 months or so I've watched all three Bourne Movies AT LEAST once a month. It's probably almost twice a month. I kinda like 'em. Kinda. Kinda a lot.

SPORTSCENTER: Yeah, this is a new addiction. Lately I watch it almost every night. It's funny, and I like sports. Hence, it's entertaining. Why have I never really liked to watch it before? I really don't know. It's all the best moments of sports from the day. That's the good stuff! It even makes NASCAR exciting to me because it only shows the crashes and the exciting finishes! (Yes, I'm watching it now... while listening to music... )

AGGIE BASKETBALL: I paid very close attention this last season. The basketball team actually made me have school pride, and for the first time in my schooling career I bought something to show off said pride. Weird.

BLOGGING: If you haven't noticed, with the exception of the past couple days, I write on this blog almost every other day, and I post on my Just Ridiculous Polls blog every day. No one ever really participates in the polls, but I'm addicted to making a new one up each day.

RACQUETBALL: I played a TON this last school year. 'Nuff said.

VIDEO GAMES: I get addicted to both computer and video games, and sometimes they are REALLY lame ones. Games, both video and computer that I've been addicted to: Online canasta (old lady card game), online gin (old lady card game), online Settlers of Catan (this was how I spent much of my last Christmas break! Sad day...), Civilization II for PlayStation (it's so ghetto, slow, and boring, but I love it, and I'm currently addicted.), TimeSplitters 2 and War of the Monsters for PS2. The saddest one of all is Online Lingo. Some of you know, but I spent WAY too much time playing it. I got really good and was ranked in the top 10 in the world for a minute. Hahaha... oh, so sad. One time my car broke down and (honestly) my first thought was, "CRAP! I'm going to miss my Lingo tournament!" This was my senior year in high school. How very very sad is that? Fortunately you can't play it online anymore.

LOST: I think it's the best show I've ever seen. It will be a weird feeling when it's all over. (Withdrawal?)

CNN: I watch CNN. A lot. Much to the chagrin of my former and future roommates. Sorry!

TV SHOWS THAT ARE EVEN HALF DECENT: Ok, I have this problem with TV shows. Once I start watching one from the beginning... it's VERY hard for me to not watch the rest of it. I'm currently VERY anxious to find out what will happen in the rest of Season 1 of Alias. This condition of mine has even caused me to watch such embarrassing shows as: The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice, and (why am I admitting this?!) all seasons of the Gilmore Girls! I have a problem.

Well, now that I've admitted that I have or have had all of those addictions, feel free to help me break any of the addictions that you feel are unhealthy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness: Turkish oil-wrestling?

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So apparently every summer since 1362 there has been a contest called Kirkpinar in Turkey. It's a wrestling competition where the contestants are covered in olive oil! The sport is apparently "known as 'yagli gures' (pronounced "yaw-luh gresh"), and is even "considered by some to be the Turkish national game." It's apparently ridiculously slippery and crazy! I can see how it would probably be pretty entertaining. They have about 700 contestants each year. This week's winner was Mehmet Yeşilyeşil. He won the 648th championship of Kirkpinar. It's cool that they have such a long-standing tradition to continue, but I'm glad that my country has less-weird sports that dominate the national spotlight. Oil wrestling is just weird.


Ya know, it just doesn't seem like it's run-onto-the-field exciting.

Monday, July 6, 2009

File-Diving Adventure: High school Journalism article...

I haven't had a File-Diving Adventure in quite a while. I just discovered my folder full of stuff from my journalism days in high school. Our monthly school newspaper was called the Forkaster. Journalism was a really fun class. I loved it. Anyway, I had a column called "What in the World?" It was just weird news stories. Here was one month's column:
What in the World?
The great thing about writing this column is that the world never stops being weird. The Associated Press has reported that since the anthrax attacks in 2001, the United States Postal Service has had over 20,000 "powder" scares. In twenty-thousand different instances people have had various substances leaking out of packages or envelopes, and they have mistaken it for a harmful powder such as anthrax. This is to be expected after the exaggerated threat was spread all around the media.
People were starting to open their mail with gloves, or having their dogs sniff the mail before they opened it. It got a little out of hand.
A few of the powder scares involved wedding invitations. How could wedding invitations give anyone an anthrax scare? Well, supposedly there was a couple having their wedding ceremony on the beach, and they thought it would be really cool if they sent their invitations with sand in the envelopes. I'm sure they had a few startled relatives that decided to forgo the wedding gift. That's just sad. You'd think someone would have enough sense to realize that putting sand in the envelopes wasn't a good idea.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hallucination Texting and "600 North of Fire"

sleepin with the phone
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My Fourth of July turned out pretty good. After work I came home and my sister's family, my parents, and my grandma all came over and we ate pizza and had a daytime fireworks show. (Yes, it was all done before it was even dark.) It wasn't a very impressive show, but I had fun lighting the fireworks for my nieces and nephews. It was cool though because we saw the jets and helicopters that were going to The Stadium of Fire the kids liked that. (Despite the fact that they got pretty bored with my lame fireworks, they still seemed fairly entertained.) . I called our awesome show "600 North of Fire." (even though I found out at work that just about everyone anywhere near the actual "Stadium of Fire" calls their family fireworks show something like that. So I'm not very original.)

So, Friday night I did not get very much sleep. Last night I did not get very much sleep. This all adds up to one interesting morning today. So, I had planned to wake up at about 8 am to text some folks in my ward about their home teaching last month. So I remember waking up at 8, but I fell back asleep. Then I woke up at 8:45 am and I was kind of sweaty and felt really hot. I texted my people and fell asleep again. I woke up 15 minutes later and got a text from my pal Julianna. It said, "I don't know what that means...." Hmmm... this made me think that I had texted her accidentally. I looked at my most recent outbound texts and the only one was sent to my cousin and to Julianna and it said, "Alright, can I get the p number on that?" When I saw this I was both highly amused and VERY freaked out. This means that when I thought I was texting the guys about home teaching, I was actually dreaming or hallucinating and I texted my friends with that question which comes from my job where I ask that question about 100 times a day. I really need to get more sleep, or figure out what's wrong with me! (My mom also says that she heard me talking and laughing pretty loud, around that same time... which disturbs me also because I didn't call anyone. Wow.)

Anyway, so that's my tale about sleep-texting.

K, see ya.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Japanese Wednesday Weirdness and Advertisementism

Say no to Arby's
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Today's Wednesday Weirdness comes to us from Japan. (Random side-note, I really enjoy ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show." I think it's fun!) Anyway, apparently a man in Japan, Hiroshi Ishiguro, created a robot that looks and moves exactly like him. He made a robo-twin! He reportedly made it "to fill in for him as professor at Osaka University." He calls the robot the Geminoid HI-1. It apparently "even has the personal idiosyncrasies of its owner. It sits and fidgets, taps its toes and can sit in a chair and gaze around the room. The shoulders rise slightly as though it were really breathing." (More about the robot here.) This all creeps me right out! I'm going to make sure to get a good close look at my professors when I go back to school this fall. Because if I get to class and discover that my professor is a robot, I'm going to be very upset. Perhaps I'll take a water bottle to each class with me and "accidentally" spill some on them. Surely the professorbots would spark and smoke like in cartoons. That'll show 'em to try and teach me with robots! Anyway... so I'd rather that the teaching profession not be outsourced to robots. Robofessors? No.

And now, about Advertisementism: I have always held a grudge against businesses that have sucky commercials. When it comes to food however, I generally don't boycott them as thoroughly as I might other companies whose services or products I would use far less often. I've decided today, (after seeing AWFUL commercials by both Del Taco and by Arctic Circle) that I'm going to officially boycott fast food chains for crappy, awful, obnoxious, and mostly for crude commercials. I must say that I still think about how much I HATE that stupid Taco Bell Chihuahua every time I go to Taco Bell. I also still get a queasy feeling about Quizno's whenever I think about those CREEPY flattened-mice commercials that they ran a few years ago. While I realize that my Advertisementism isn't going to send a big enough message to these companies to not run such disgusting or disturbing ads, I'm going to stick to these boycotts nonetheless. Ok, official boycotts by Jeff:
Boycott 1: Arby's:
Why? For a sleazy commercial they ran about 6 months ago that used a sex joke. I will not go to Arby's for another 6 months from today! (My roommate Andy and I started an unofficial boycott on them when we first saw the commercial. I haven't been there since.)
Boycott 2: Del Taco:
Why? Despite being one of the few options close to my current employer, their commercial that I just saw a while ago with a guy with like a dozen mouths all over his body creeped me RIGHT OUT! They need to be boycotted at least until they stop running that commercial.
Boycott 3: Arctic Circle:
Why? A commercial of a girl making a shake that is totally trying to suggest that her making the shake is like an exotic dancer (as there are about a dozen guys standing behind her and freaking out.) Plus, it's just an obnoxious commercial. This is an easier boycott for me, as I don't remember the last time I went to Arctic Circle, so we'll make it two years, why not?

Join me if you like, or don't. I just wish that companies today could show some sophistication and taste. I hate that even commercials are super trashy. TV is bad enough these days. I used to watch MTV and VH1 shows, now I don't even dare go to those channels. I don't mean to sound preachy (especially since I do watch some not-so-classy shows like the above-mentioned show), but they can at least make commercials that aren't disgusting. Ok, enough ranting about that.

K, see ya.