Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the LSAT once more...

Well, enough procrastinating. It's time to start studying for the September LSAT. I can take it again at the end of September. My June LSAT was ok, but not good enough. I've been putting off studying again for a long time. Last week I took my first practice test since the June LSAT. It went well, and I got the best score I've gotten yet. So it was a good confidence booster, but now I need to kick my studying into high gear so that I can really improve my score. My friend made me feel a lot better about how much I could improve, but we'll see. My only fear about the next one, (this is sad, but true) is that it starts at 8 in the morning. As you know if you've read this blog very extensively, I'm NOT A MORNING PERSON. So we'll see if I can wake up and kick its butt. Sorry for those of you who got sick of hearing about the LSAT from me, but you'll be hearing about it again. For quite a while longer, too!

RANDOM: So remember how I decided to boycott Arctic Circle because of their lame-sauce commercial? I've had so many hits from search engines because of that. Only, I think it's people who are wanting to watch the commercial online! PSYCHOS!! A: It's a commercial. B: It's a crappy one at that! Ugh, maybe I should add a couple years to their "sentence." I'm a nerd. K, see ya.

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