Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun hike and embarrassment...

Stewart Falls
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Today I had a great day off. I went hiking with my good pal Jules. We hiked to Stewart Falls (in the picture). It's the perfect length. You have just enough time to really enjoy nature, but it's not so long that it's painful or boring. I love how green everything is this year, too. It seems like the extra rain we've gotten has made things greener than usual. And it was a hike full of its share of laughs. Jules is hilarious. It really was a fun time.

Speaking of funny, yesterday at work I laughed for a good while about something that happened. At my job we talk to the sales reps and techs on the phone. We usually ask them for their id number at the beginning of the calls. I got a call from one and I was in kind of a wacky mood. I asked him for his rep id and put it in. In our system the name automatically pops up, and his name came up and it said, "Jeff Ricks." I did a double-take, and then I double checked that he'd given me the right number, and I was shocked when he said that he had. I then said, "NO WAY!!! Your name is JEFF RICKS!!? THAT'S MY NAME!!!" I've had people with my birthday, and I've even been talking to a sales rep named Jeff, who was selling the system to a customer named Jeff, but I'd NEVER talked to another person named Jeff Ricks! I turned around to tell my coworker, Ashley, and she looked at me in a weird way and clearly didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did and I reacted the same way I always do when someone isn't impressed with something I say and it's awkward... and said, "K, see ya." I was a lot louder than anyone should be about someone having my same name. Anyway, I finally calmed down and continued on getting information. He wasn't nearly as excited about having my name as I was about having his. Suddenly he was gone in the middle of giving me information. Then I realized that the two guys and Ashley were laughing. I suddenly understood why Ashley hadn't reacted the way I thought she would to this crazy happenstance. A kid named Skyler had looked up my id number (something we never use, but that is assigned to us in the system), and he called my extension on his cell phone and pretended to be a sales rep. It made me laugh really hard. I was so embarrassed that I had freaked out. He and his friend kept quoting my scream of, "NO WAY! ... That's MY name!" Ashley had been trying to tell me all along that I was being duped. But I was too excited about it to get it or to even hear her. The two guys were surprised that I hadn't heard them both laughing the whole time I was on the call. Anyway, we record our calls and I listened to it a couple times later in my shift for entertainment. I couldn't stop snickering about it. I usually DESPISE when I bear the brunt of a practical joke, but I actually enjoyed this one. Although, I told Skyler that now I'm paranoid that I'm not actually talking to sales reps when I think I am. Good times. K, see ya.

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