Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hallucination Texting and "600 North of Fire"

sleepin with the phone
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My Fourth of July turned out pretty good. After work I came home and my sister's family, my parents, and my grandma all came over and we ate pizza and had a daytime fireworks show. (Yes, it was all done before it was even dark.) It wasn't a very impressive show, but I had fun lighting the fireworks for my nieces and nephews. It was cool though because we saw the jets and helicopters that were going to The Stadium of Fire the kids liked that. (Despite the fact that they got pretty bored with my lame fireworks, they still seemed fairly entertained.) . I called our awesome show "600 North of Fire." (even though I found out at work that just about everyone anywhere near the actual "Stadium of Fire" calls their family fireworks show something like that. So I'm not very original.)

So, Friday night I did not get very much sleep. Last night I did not get very much sleep. This all adds up to one interesting morning today. So, I had planned to wake up at about 8 am to text some folks in my ward about their home teaching last month. So I remember waking up at 8, but I fell back asleep. Then I woke up at 8:45 am and I was kind of sweaty and felt really hot. I texted my people and fell asleep again. I woke up 15 minutes later and got a text from my pal Julianna. It said, "I don't know what that means...." Hmmm... this made me think that I had texted her accidentally. I looked at my most recent outbound texts and the only one was sent to my cousin and to Julianna and it said, "Alright, can I get the p number on that?" When I saw this I was both highly amused and VERY freaked out. This means that when I thought I was texting the guys about home teaching, I was actually dreaming or hallucinating and I texted my friends with that question which comes from my job where I ask that question about 100 times a day. I really need to get more sleep, or figure out what's wrong with me! (My mom also says that she heard me talking and laughing pretty loud, around that same time... which disturbs me also because I didn't call anyone. Wow.)

Anyway, so that's my tale about sleep-texting.

K, see ya.

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