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Addiction... embarrassing myself...

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I have an addictive personality. It's probably a very good thing that I have a firm commitment not to ever drink alcohol or to use any drugs, because frankly, I'd be hooked to the death. I've been addicted to a wide variety of things over the years. For any of you that know me, many of the following things I'm addicted to will not be a big surprise at all (do I even need to list sugar?), but I think some of them might surprise you.

My Addictions:
SUGAR: I think I've been addicted since birth. I occasionally put up a fight, but it generally fizzles out until I about pass out from low blood sugar. (They tell me I'm a hypoglycemic...hmm... some of these things don't really go well together.) This one manifests itself in a variety of ways (cookies, doughnuts, candy), but lately my major weakness has been chocolate shakes. Especially M&M Frosties from Wendy's.

MUSIC: I love music. It's rare that I go very long without listening to my music. I have at some points been addicted to finding new bands to listen to, as well. This comes in waves. I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I'm listening to music right now.

THE BOURNE MOVIES: Umm... for at least the past 6 months or so I've watched all three Bourne Movies AT LEAST once a month. It's probably almost twice a month. I kinda like 'em. Kinda. Kinda a lot.

SPORTSCENTER: Yeah, this is a new addiction. Lately I watch it almost every night. It's funny, and I like sports. Hence, it's entertaining. Why have I never really liked to watch it before? I really don't know. It's all the best moments of sports from the day. That's the good stuff! It even makes NASCAR exciting to me because it only shows the crashes and the exciting finishes! (Yes, I'm watching it now... while listening to music... )

AGGIE BASKETBALL: I paid very close attention this last season. The basketball team actually made me have school pride, and for the first time in my schooling career I bought something to show off said pride. Weird.

BLOGGING: If you haven't noticed, with the exception of the past couple days, I write on this blog almost every other day, and I post on my Just Ridiculous Polls blog every day. No one ever really participates in the polls, but I'm addicted to making a new one up each day.

RACQUETBALL: I played a TON this last school year. 'Nuff said.

VIDEO GAMES: I get addicted to both computer and video games, and sometimes they are REALLY lame ones. Games, both video and computer that I've been addicted to: Online canasta (old lady card game), online gin (old lady card game), online Settlers of Catan (this was how I spent much of my last Christmas break! Sad day...), Civilization II for PlayStation (it's so ghetto, slow, and boring, but I love it, and I'm currently addicted.), TimeSplitters 2 and War of the Monsters for PS2. The saddest one of all is Online Lingo. Some of you know, but I spent WAY too much time playing it. I got really good and was ranked in the top 10 in the world for a minute. Hahaha... oh, so sad. One time my car broke down and (honestly) my first thought was, "CRAP! I'm going to miss my Lingo tournament!" This was my senior year in high school. How very very sad is that? Fortunately you can't play it online anymore.

LOST: I think it's the best show I've ever seen. It will be a weird feeling when it's all over. (Withdrawal?)

CNN: I watch CNN. A lot. Much to the chagrin of my former and future roommates. Sorry!

TV SHOWS THAT ARE EVEN HALF DECENT: Ok, I have this problem with TV shows. Once I start watching one from the beginning... it's VERY hard for me to not watch the rest of it. I'm currently VERY anxious to find out what will happen in the rest of Season 1 of Alias. This condition of mine has even caused me to watch such embarrassing shows as: The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice, and (why am I admitting this?!) all seasons of the Gilmore Girls! I have a problem.

Well, now that I've admitted that I have or have had all of those addictions, feel free to help me break any of the addictions that you feel are unhealthy.

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