Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot-Boiled Drat...

I heard that phrase said on an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show the other day, and I thought it was pretty darn hilarious. 

Random:  If anyone that goes to USU really needs a job, even one with very few hours, please let me know.  There are a few openings at my work that will be available to interview for on Friday.  (Two days from now!)  Anyway, let me know.  You need to be pretty computer savvy, and friendly-ish.  That's about it.

Anyway, all I want right now is to sleep.  However, I'm at work.  This isn't a great place to sleep.  A great place to sleep, though, can be found in the institute building.  It's quite peaceful there, and there are a myriad of couch/chair options.  I had myself a nice 5-10 minute power-nap this morning.  I'm a fan of power-naps.  I always over sleep and ruin the "power" part of them, but when I can get in just a brief 15 minute nap or so, I feel great!  Napping for an hour or more always makes me super groggy.

School is going fairly well thus far.  No major complaints. 

Spencer and I played racquetball yesterday, and my K-nees are K-illing me!  That's all about that.

Hmm... the only other important update that I feel I need to add to this entry is that today I'll be mailing off the very last of my law school application paper-work.  So I'll be officially done applying for law school after I get one envelope off in the mail to BYU.  SWEETNESS~~!!!

Hmm... since I've still got about 2 hours of work left, I think I shall compose a list of a sort that I haven't done in quite a long while.  A RANDOM THOUGHTS LIST!!!

  • I hate making résumés.  Really not a great activity.
  • I ate a really good cherry cheese danish this morning.  Mmm...
  • I just randomly got the song with the phone number "867-5309" stuck in my head.  Or, I guess I should say, I got the chorus for said song stuck in my head.
  • I feel for the people in Haiti.  I wish I could actually go there and do something to help out.  I think it's great to donate money and all, but really I wish I could actually physically help, ya know?
  • I really want to go to Africa.  If I can't get a decent internship this summer, or don't land any other great job, I really want to volunteer for an international aid group or something for the summer.  That would be a dream come true.
  • My friend said a word the other day to describe gross stuff (like skuzz, or goobers, or whatever) that I think is DISGUSTING sounding, but perfect for said definition.  The word?  Bonch.
  • 867-5-30 NIIYINE...
  • I hate when my leg starts bouncing involuntarily and I can't control it.  I'm sure other people around me hate it, too.
  • I just had a craving for a sausage egg Mcmuffin!  Gross...
  • Some people look cool.
  • BONCH!
  • There's some dude that keeps wandering around by the front door of the lab... what a weirdo.
  • I don't think I should be allowed to call other people weird.  Besides, he just left.

K, see ya.


  1. Try saying "Hot-Boiled Drat" in a public place, and see how many weird looks you get. That's on my to-do list today. And, do you now have to be computer savvy to work in the labs? I never was. I was friendly though. (Shhhhhh...I may have even let a few folks get away with free printouts.)

  2. Can old ladies say "hot-boiled Drat"?