Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Law School Applications and the Wait-time

The anticipation is already killing me.  I'm always excited when I'm waiting on a package or something in the mail, and especially when it's something potentially exciting.  Now I have to wait for 11 different somethings to come in the mail, by phone, or even by email.  I don't know where they'll hit me from.  (Oh, happy new year, by the way.  ...uh... cool... anyway... back to anticipation...)  Some of the law schools have said that I could hear from them within a couple weeks, and some of them say they can take upwards of 8 weeks.  Yeargh.  That's WAY too big a window for me.  I've never had such a big window for a package or anything. 

Spencer also makes fun of me for always checking my email, but now I'm probably going to check it always times two. 

Rejected, waitlisted, or accepted?  Scholarships?  I am having a hard time waiting.  Oh well, I guess once I know, I'll just have to go through the labor of figuring out how to pay for law school... so maybe it's not that exciting.  But alas, I'm still excited.  Or at least VERY anxious.

Anyway, I'm sure you (my millions of readers) will get to hear plenty about the many communique that will inform me of my law-school fate in the future.  K...


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