Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad iNdifference

Being what many would call an "Apple person" I should be all sorts of jazzed about the latest Apple creation right? Wrong. I don't care. I've grown up my entire life using Apple computers. (I'm using one now.) I really like their products and think them superior to PC. I'm NOT one to freak out each time they come out with something new though. I own an old iPod Nano that I won in a drawing on campus. I didn't plan on buying one, despite my LOVE of music. I certainly wanted one, but never saw a NEED strong enough to buy one. I did get a MacBook, but it was many years after I wanted it, and (although my Mom actually bought it) I was fine with a refurbished one that was already a generation or two old (and I would have purchased the same one if I was buying). I just have never been one to NEED the newest technological gadget. I'm only now thinking that I'd actually want an iPhone. Certainly don't NEED one, but I'd get one if it was really cheap. I'm also running the Mac operating system that's now two generations behind. You see, I just don't NEED to stay up-to-date on the latest.

So for these reasons I felt rather apathetic when my co-worker was FREAKING out about the new iPad as news came out about it yesterday. It doesn't appeal to me for multiple reasons. A. I've got a laptop, and I really don't need it. B. It seems like a weird size that wouldn't be sturdy enough to put in my backpack by itself the way I do with my current MacBook. I've seen so many people with broken iPhone screens that I'd be SURE that I'd break the screen on the iPad. C. Is it really going to be all that useful. Really? It seems like it doesn't really offer anything new that my current laptop can't do, except "cool" things like touchscreen. D. Is this really the latest and greatest? There was a kid in my Stats class my senior year in high school that had a tablet PC that he could lay flat and he took notes on it with a little stylus. That was 2003. So... I don't really think this is all that great.

Just sayin'.

K, bye.

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