Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Law School News and Where Have All the Weekends Gone?

Law School, Hogwarts
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First of all, I got a couple emails yesterday with good news. I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati Law and I also was accepted to Saint Louis University. Saint Louis has a program called 1843 Scholars where those nominated submit short essays and those selected receive full-tuition scholarships. They nominated me, which is very exciting, but I'm certainly not 100% sure that even if I won I'd want to go to Saint Louis. We'll see. So, that was good news, but I'm dying to hear from BYU and UofU. And I'm pretty anxious to see if I get waitlisted or rejected outright at William and Mary and Illinois.

I have also noticed a troubling trend thus far this semester. I don't get free time on my weekends. Every other weekend I'm teaching Gospel Doctrine in Sunday school, and the other weekends I seem to have an overload of homework. For example, this weekend. I have a bunch of Spanish homework, a bunch of reading to do for my geography class, and I have to actually pick my topic for my history capstone... these things are all due BY Monday. Ugh. I also came home so I could get my W-2s for taxes, but of course one of my employers has decided to wait until beyond the last legal day to send my form to me. So, that's this weekend. But this whole month has kind of gone this way. I hope I get to have weekends again.

Do you want to hear something else that's very depressing to me, but probably laughable to others? My body wouldn't let me sleep in this morning! I was determined to REALLY sleep in at least until 11, but my body woke up at 9. And then I'd lay back down and I'd wake up a while later thinking, "Oh, that had to have been a couple hours, but why do I still feel so tired?" Yes, each time it had only been about 15 minutes. UGH!

Imagine Dragons is a sweet band.

K, bye.

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  1. Good news on the schools. I haven't slept till 11 since I was 20. That's nearly 9 years. I don't think I've slept past 8:30 since I became a parent. That's nearly 4 years, so I don't really feel all that bad for you.