Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh man... someone PLEASE shut him up!

Have you ever had a discussion in a class that just really didn't go your way?  Yeah, I just came from my Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa class and had that very situation on my hands.  I felt like every one of my comments sounded as dumb to my classmates as it sounded to me.  It's only a class of like 10 people, too, so my voice was heard FAR more often than it really should have been.  My teacher even completely obliterated one of my comments that I had thought fairly profound.  Yeah... in retrospect... dumb comment.  I was seriously that guy who causes everyone to think, "Oh boy, he's rambling on about something new and clearly has NO idea what he's talking about, but he definitely likes the sound of his voice."  Yuck.  I really felt like the class idiot.  Oh well, it's over.  Hopefully I haven't solidified in everyone's mind that I'm a moron.  Especially the professor.  I don't think I've done a great job at impressing her thus far.  I feel like I might be her project.  If that's the case I'll just have to show improvement, and if not then I'll improve the best I can anyway.  Wish the classroom idiot luck!

K, bye.

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  1. so, I was in Logan today for about five minutes (actually, longer) and I did think about trying all the computer labs I could think of to see if you were working, but then I ran out of time. darn.