Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to Rand-O-Mania!! 2.0

Hi!  A friend was talking about her blog layout and I decided that I definitely needed to switch mine.  I never meant to stick with the one I had, but I wanted to change to one of the cool templates you get from other websites and I could never get it to work with all my extra stuff.  However, I decided that I liked this blogger one.  Good enough. 

So, call me an old man, but I'm watching Jeopardy! right now.  Normally there are categories that just blow my mind and I can't figure them out, but just now they had a "Seven Dwarves" category that was essentially explaining each dwarf and the answers (questions) were their names.  It was pretty lame and easy.  The one thousand dollar one was (Paraphrasing) This fat dwarf was very jolly.  Who is Happy? is worth $1000?!  Really?

OOOH!  Cool random thing I learned the other day.  If you combine a ? and a ! you can make a symbol called an interbang!  (Or interrobang.)  I very frequently use that combo of punctuation when I have a question to shout in surprise or anger, etc.  (What the crap!?)  If I can do it, here, my friends, is an INTERBANG:  ‽

So there you go.

K, see ya later.


  1. i love jeopardy.

    and this new look is not bad at all.

  2. I love jeopardy!! Remember that one time we played on th 64.. sadly I can't win compared to your smartness.