Monday, January 25, 2010

24 For 24 Years

  1. I like when I have co-workers that make work a lot more fun/bearable.
  2. I like my family.  They're cool/great/fun/funny/awesome/nerdy/et cetera.
  3. Sometimes Always I love to eat sugar.
  4. People who make cakes for me are kinda my hero.
  5. My co-worker who brought graham crackers to work is also kinda my hero.
  6. Law schools who toy with my emotions by withholding their admissions decisions from me for prolonged periods are not even kinda my hero, but very much kinda my enemy right now.
  7. Food sounds super bien right now.
  8. Some weird girl just decided she's the Light Captain and decided to turn off the lights in the computer lab.
  9. Learning about World War II in Asia at 7:30 in the morning is kinda hard.
  10. Hand sanitizer.
  11. Yeah, I just hit my knee.  I'm pretty stupid-tired right now.
  12. Half-way.
  13. Why do people consider 13 unlucky?  Really... why?
  14. If I'm already running out of random thoughts, I must be REALLY tired.
  15. I know I've been ranting about this a LOT lately, but Texas Roadhouse is the  Yep, just used that phrase.
  16. Do you remember the peaches song?  It just randomly popped into my head.
  17. Cool scarf.  
  18. I'm OCD (minus the D) about a few things.  I have to have my wallet, keys, and cellphone all with me at almost all times even if I know I won't use or need some of them.  For instance, I walked to work, do I have my keys?  YES!  Am I planning to buy anything? NO!  Do I have my wallet?  YES!
  19. GO AGGIES!
  20. I want to go to China.
  21. Vietnamese people made my warm jacket, thank you Vietnamese people, and I'm sorry if making my jacket sucked.  I really am.
  22. The episode of the Office from last week was really lame.  Really?  A cheesy clip show?  Time to end it.
  23. I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  24. Yesterday one of my roommates told me that my birthday was my "golden birthday."  I've never heard of it, but since I turned 24 on the 24th, it was golden.  Yep.  K, see ya.


  1. I was just going to say that you'd better not let Taren find out that you want to go to China, but I guess I'm too late. ;-) I hope your birthday really was golden. (I almost wrote "ihop" instead of "i hope", and it wasn't even on purpose. I guess pancakes are on the brain.)