Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ricks v. Employment Law

I've never really written a blog post from my phone before, but I've discovered that it's not so bad if i use the keyboard. Please forgive me my grammatical errors, etc.

I got great news today, as i found out that i will for sure have the job with the employment law firm in DC. (thanks to those of you who previously congratulated me despite me not having the job for sure.) I'm excited for this job, but mostly it's just a huge relief to have my summer job set in stone. It's not paid, but thatwould be a rarity amongst summer jobs for 1Ls. However, they informed me that after my externship is over, it may lead to being a paid job for the remainder of the summer. That is good news. Talk to you later.

Check out legal articles!  There's some great stuff at my blog.  Hahaha...what?

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