Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ricks v. 49 Thoughts

Let's see if I can come up with 50 thoughts. Some random, some relevant, some... none of the above?

1. I'm now happy that my semester is over.
2. It's Christmas!
3. It takes having free time for me to remember how much I love living here, but I love living here.
4. I'm excited to see my fam, and not via Skype that my sisters think is super awkward.
5. It's funny to me when kids shows sneak political jokes into them for adults.
6. While flying makes me a bit nervous, I love doing it. It's always exciting because I only do it when I'm going somewhere I really want to go.
7. Dr. Seuss is awesome.
8. I hate hot chocolate, I love warm chocolate. I don't understand why people bother with a liquid that burns your mouth!?
9. My favorite new word that came out of this semester is "torted." (It's not grammatically correct, or a real word, at least not in the sense that I use it.)
10. According to my torts teacher, it's only a matter of time before your car will get "torted" in DC.
11. It's funny how we think we're keeping someone's secret when we tell someone else, but tell them not to tell anyone else.
12. Dozen.
13. This one's for Spencer, "Thirteen."
14. Rhythmic gymnastics is weird.
15. Whoever came up with the term "smart phones" and got it to stick was a genius. They got the rest of us to call our own phones dumb! Genius advertising!
16. I HATE cologne/perfume commercials.
17. Wonder what the weather is like in Djibouti today?
18. I'm excited to exercise again. I've missed it.
19. My house has a door to nowhere.
20. Rowan Atkinson would play me in the movie of my life.
21. Red Rocks in Alexandria is the best pizza place... ever.
22. I could really go for a FH'zookie right now.
23. Michael Jordan.
24. Paul Millsap is the bomb.
25. I'm a little surprised no one has come to visit DC while I've been here. I had a bunch of people ask if they could crash at my place when they came out here.
26. My eyelid has been twitching for weeks. I assumed it would stop when finals were over, but alas, it continues.
27. I saw the huge National Christmas Tree a couple weeks ago with my roommate and some other folks:We also saw Santa Claus.
28. Stuff exists.
29. It's weird to not have something so pressing on my Monday that I need to stay up all night on Sunday!
30. I expect the Aggies to win the rest of their basketball games this season. It could very easily happen.
31. I just randomly got the Charlie Brown's Christmas song stuck in my head.
32. Ocean Lion.
33. Narwhals are cool!

34. C.J. Miles has been playing well lately.
35. Truman G. Madsen was quite the insightful fellow. I'm a fan.
36. I HATE not knowing my grades.
37. I'm clearly a very patient person.
38. I always buy bread, but I rarely use more than half of it before it goes bad. Sad.
39. Milk, on the other hand, has rarely, if ever, expired under my watch.
40. Can you believe that you've read 40 of these? Because I can't.
41. I'm excited for some recreational reading over the break.
42. This one's for Shavonne: 42.
43. I'm happy that I have friends who help me to get out of the house when I have time!
44. Mmm... the over-priced shake I had at the Silver Diner after my property exam the other day was really good.
45. While I love NoVA, I still prove from time to time that I do not know it's roads very well.
46. My mom is the best. Hi Mom!
47. Ugh, I need to buy a new suit. Badly.
48. Am I lame for inserting the accents in résumé?
49. This one's for James Wilson Marshall, and for California history buffs.

That's all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Rhythmic gymnastics is indeed weird, and SKYPE is awkward. We're excited to see you in a couple days!! Come over and visit on Wednesday. I have my surgery that day, so I'll be on bed rest and doped up. That makes for an entertaining Natalie!

  2. Need to come see me sometime. Also, have you been to generous George's? Good pizza and cooky atmosphere. It's in Alexandria.