Monday, August 9, 2010

Check out where I live!

As I have VERY FREQUENTLY had to do over the course of the last few days, I was just checking out Google Maps to find my way to places around the city.  I just realized how cool the location I'm living really is.  I'm SO close to so many cool things!  Look at this screenshot from Google Maps.  I'm living where that star is in the bottom left corner.  I'm right by Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon, and of course just across the bridges are the memorials, the Capitol, Smithsonian, and the National Mall!  I really love DC, and I'm happy to be here.  I'm still scared for school, but I'm excited about whatever time off I may have... uh... after finals?  Anyway, I suppose I'm also in the worst place possible should anyone decide to attack the US again, but I'll hold that has a seriously implausible event for the three or so years that I'm here.  I've got a pretty sweet pad for visitors.  Not that we have a lot of nice stuff or furniture for people to sleep on, but there's space.  Let me know!  (Preferably well in advance.  I think I'm going to be pretty overwhelmed this semester.)

The other point:  The original reason I was getting a screen shot is because of the fun TANGLE of roads I live right next to!  I have to do some crazy merging no matter which direction I'm headed.  I live in the middle of all that orange and yellow road-spaghetti.  It is a little chaotic, and to say I've come close to mangling my car over the past few days is a bit of an understatement.  But hey, at least I found out yesterday that my brakes really work!  (Quit worrying, Mom.  I'm fine!)  It is a downside of getting to live here, but I'll take it.  Unless I get in an accident, then it's unacceptable, right?

In other news, I like my ward a good deal.  I've never been so well fellowshipped.  (They have a very active fellowship committee, and they hold a class every week during Sunday School for the newbies.  It was actually pretty awkward because they had 6 or 7 people assigned to attend the class, and yesterday I was the ONLY new person in the ward.  I got a lot of attention.)  I knew this ward was pretty stacked with impressive people when, A) I listened to an operatic performance like I've never heard before for the (more than just) special musical number, and B) heard that there is a baptism for almost every weekend this month.  They're obviously great at spreading the gospel!  This is a great ward!  Hope I don't throw off their balance too much!  Only kidding, but it is a bit intimidating.  I'm still just me though, and that's all I can be.  I'm not a huge fan of starting church at 3pm, but I'll adjust.

Well, sorry about the novel.

K, bye.

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