Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a fine First-Day-Of-Law-School Eve!

I always feel awkward putting spiritual posts on this blog that is so full of ridiculousness like steak-flavored gum, top ten potential stalker anthems, and the story of someone urinating into Old Faithful.  However, I had such a great time at the temple tonight that I think I'll just force this juxtaposition of both the spirituality and randomality of my life.

Everything was beautiful tonight as I drove to the Washington D.C. temple (That is actually in Maryland.)  I took the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which is very very green.  And since it was a bit foggy tonight there was a cool glow about the whole trip.  And the temple looked really cool tonight, too.  Anyway, when I was in the temple, I was thinking about the creation.  It's such a phenomenal thing when you really think about it.  The thought came to mind about how much everyone must have cheered when the earth was completely finished and prepared.  How amazing would that moment have been?  This then set me off on a mental tangent about how we actually only cheer for rather minor things in life.  (I'm not talking about how we don't cheer in church, but it is actually really hard for me not to applaud the musical numbers in my ward out here... they've both been incredible!  2 for 2.  Seriously, this ward has some phenomenal talent.)  Anyway, the only time we ever really cheer is at concerts for songs played, or at sporting events for goals/points scored.  It's sad that we don't even come close to cheering for the valuable things that people do all the time.  The first thing that came to mind was road-construction workers.  Instead of cheering for them when they complete or repair roadways, we just say, "About time!"  In fact, we curse them while they're doing it.  (I was guilty of getting upset about construction for much of my drive out here.)  Anyway, I don't know that my writing any of this is of any value to anyone, but it was just a thought I had.  I guess the moral is that I've decided to have more respect for people who accomplish the helpful, every-day things that I often take for granted.  I felt such a peace at the temple.  I always get guidance or at least encouragement when I go there.  It's a wonderful thing to know that even when my classes and life might really get me down, I have a temple about a half hour away.  It's a great place to relax, pray, and recharge my batteries.

Yeah, law school starts tomorrow.  I'm not really nervous as I only have one class in the morning, and we didn't have any homework for it.  (All my other classes require reading and/or various homework activities.)  So, I'm glad for that at least.  I'm finally really getting settled into my room.  I now have a desk, a dresser, a rug, a mirror, and a desk lamp... things I did not have before.  I feel ready, despite not really knowing what to expect from classes.  I know what is expected outside of classes... READING!  My pile of books is at least 2 ft. tall.  It's nuts.

Wow... it's amazing where life can take you.  I never thought that I'd go to law school.  Just goes to show that planning ahead is a dumb idea.  Wait... maybe I missed the great life lesson that I should get from that...  oh well.

K, see ya.

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  1. This is the kind of stuff a mom loves to read. Hope the first day went well and I will give Natalie the news that as an official law student we are no longer allowed to call you Jeffy.