Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CNN Heroes

I really love that CNN does this. It reminds us that there are actually people out there making good change in their communities for the right reasons. It's nice to see them focus on real people for at least this short while. It gets tiring constantly hearing about the same old politicians doing the same old dumb things. Props for CNN Heroes. I'm voting for Efren Penaflorida because I think his is the effort most deserving of added support. From what I read, his group that educates Phillipino kids operates on a shoe-string budget and doesn't have any major source of funds. I also think Betty Makoni's Girl Child Network is incredibly important, but it looks like she has better funding. She has help from a British charity. Either way, all of the people they highlight are doing awesome things, and I hope that their causes will get the support that they deserve.

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