Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top Ten Reality TV Game Shows

Is it just me, or does it seem a lot like there are more huge earthquakes than usual lately?  I mean, I guess I don't know for sure how often larger earthquakes happen, but I have certainly heard about earthquakes in the news a lot more than usual lately.  The Ring of Fire seems like it's particularly active.  There were a couple big ones in Indonesia a while ago, the largest one of 2009 near American Samoa (8.0 on the Richter), and now there have been a series of big ones near Vanuatu.  It's nuts!  Anyway, maybe it's just my awareness of them, but it does seem like there are more than normal.

Well, here's a random top ten list:
Call me lame, but I really like reality TV.
TOP TEN REALITY TV GAME SHOWS  (That I actually have watched): 

10.   America's Got Talent

This one definitely just barely makes the list and was completely disappointing this year.  I can't believe I watched the whole season as it all ended in a sub-par country singer winning a million dollars.  Can they please get some classier judges?  I mean, at least Jerry Springer isn't the host anymore, but c'mon.  Sharon Osbourne?  David Hasselhoff?

9.  The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge

So, I have to admit that it has probably been more than 10 years since I've ever seen this show or even really thought about it.  I used to really like it, and I have to give props to at least the Real World half of it as The Real World was there in the very beginning of reality tv. 

8.  Fear Factor

This one was always entertaining to me.  I would never go on this show, but I did find enjoyment in watching it.  Especially when they did CRAZY stunts.  I hated when they had to eat gross crap though.

7.  Here Come the Newlyweds

Not really sure why this is so high on the list.  It's not an amazing show.  I just needed one more to make 10.  I did enjoy watching it this last season, but mostly just because there was a Mormon couple on it. 

6.  American Idol

Ok, I'll admit that I like it.  I don't watch it faithfully or anything, but I do like it.  And yes, I pretend I'm a contestant when I'm alone in my car with my music at some insane volume.  Simon Cowell is the most entertaining part of course.

5.  The Apprentice

While I am a big fan of the fact that The Celebrity Apprentice raises money for charity, I really don't like anything else about it.  (But yes, I watched it.)  Anyway, the old classic The Apprentice was awesome.  It's just a really interesting premise, and I think is definitely a lasting favorite of mine.  And I don't like Donald Trump, either!

4.  I Survived a Japanese Game Show!

Ok, I'm positive that I'm probably the only person in the world that would rate this show so high on a list like this, but I am a big fan!  I think the Japanese are awesome and that their insane game shows are very entertaining.  I don't necessarily love the reality part of this show, but moreso the actual Japanese game show (Majide) that the Americans participate in.  It makes me laugh, and I think I would go on this show.  (Despite the occasional eating of gross things which would have kept me off of Fear Factor.)

3.  The Biggest Loser

I never watched this show before the last season.  I have to admit that it's pretty amazing.  It's awesome because it encourages people to make a huge POSITIVE change in their lives.  All the rest of these shows aren't quite as inspirational (or inspirational at all actually.)  As opposed to the last entry, I like the reality part of this one a lot more than the game show part of it.

2.  The Amazing Race

I'd consider participating in this one above all the others.  I love that you get to see all sorts of places around the world while being a part of one of the craziest races ever.  The very first season was the coolest because it seems like they didn't help the people NEARLY as much as they do now.  I still quite like this one and am watching the current season.

1. Survivor

I've been a big fan from the beginning.  I missed quite a few seasons in the middle there, but I watched all of the first 5 or 6 seasons, I watched last season, and I'm watching the current season.  I love this show.  It's reality tv to the core.  It's a faux reality of course, but it's still an awesome show.  I think it, more than any other reality tv show, demonstrates the true character of its participants.  The current season has the NASTIEST player I've ever seen.  He's SUPER manipulating.  Anyway, this has always been my favorite and is really the only reality TV show that I'd put in any sort of top ten favorite TV show lists.

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  1. Oh...if you've never watched Top Chef, that one is fun too. It's on Bravo, and my only complaint is that we don't have taste-a-vision. Now that would be a #1 show for sure!