Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you give a Jeff a cookie...

If you give me a cookie. I will want more. I won't bring friends, but I'll eat many, many, many more of your cookies. And when your cookies are all gone (except one, I've always had issues eating the last one of something I'm supposedly sharing with others) I'll spend more money on cookies. I will eat all of those cookies. I will continue to seek out only people who have cookies, or establishments where cookies are sold. It's a problem. Don't give me a cookie.

Hi! Just bored at work. I guess you could call the whatever above a poem. But really it's just what randomly spilled out of my brain just now.

K, see ya.


  1. hey... i made cookies yesterday. banana-chocolate-chip cookies.

  2. Oh so sorry. My kids just finished the last of the chocolate chip cookies. According to Brian, Andrew and Noah, I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies! :0)