Saturday, November 21, 2009

Best Places to Eat in Cache Valley, Utah

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I'm in a list-making mood. Since here in Logan there's nothing to do but eat... I'm going to make some sweet lists of the best eateries in the Logan area. Spencer is helping me out with this one.

Top 10 Local Fast Food Joints:
1. Logan Burger and Sandwiches (Main Street)
2. La Tormenta (North Logan, Strip mall by Wal-mart)
3. Logan's Heroes (Main)
4. Center Street Grill (Center and Main)
5. Old Grist Mill (Bakery that makes a great sandwich)(Providence and one on 400 North)
6. Andy's (North Logan, Main)(Great new place.)
7. Pounders (Main) (By Spencer's recommendation)
8. La Beau's (North Logan, 1400 N.)(It would be higher if it wasn't so darn expensive and slow)
9. Yah Poh! (North Logan by Best Buy) (Way good Chilean food that takes FOREVER, call ahead.)
10. Pasta LaBella (In The Hub food court in the Taggart Student Center on USU campus) (The pizza's pretty good, but I mostly love it for the awesome Japanese lady that sells the pizza. It will brighten your day to see her. GUARANTEED!)

Top 5 Local Full-service Restaurants:
1. The Beehive Grill (New place on Main)
2. Iron Gate Grill (Providence)
3. Hamilton's (North Logan, Main)
4. Firehouse Pizza (Providence and Smithfield) (Darn good food, and try a FH'zookie.)
5. Cafe Sabor (West side of Logan... don't know the street. It's an old train station.)(Good Mexican food.)

Top 5 Ice Cream:
1. Casper's (Providence)
2. Cold Stone (North Logan, 1400 N.)(Yeah, it's a chain, but it's darn good ice cream)
3. Charlie's (Main)(Just don't go inside, I hate the smell of the place. Drive through's great though.)
4. Aggie Ice Cream (On USU campus, 1000 East)
5. Angie's Restaurant (It's a full-service restaurant, but you'll see bumper stickers around town that say "I cleaned the sink at Angie's!" You get a literal small sink full of ice cream and you get the bumper sticker if you can finish the whole thing off. Usually done with a big group of people. Kinda fun.)

Like I said... there's not much else to do here but eat. Enjoy!


  1. There are a lot of new restaurants in Logan since our departure. I think I have only eaten at a few of your picks. Brian and I used to get Old Grist Mill all the time. I was just saying the other day that I miss their soup.

  2. There has been a serious catastrophe. You left out The Factory Pizzeria. My husband will drive 2 hours just for that pizza--it's that good. Have you not been there, or did this seriously just not make your list?!