Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantasy Basketball...

My latest obsession has been Fantasy Basketball on  I'm pretty addicted.  I don't know why it is, but I can go from not watching a sport with any regularity for like 5 years-- and then start a fantasy team and suddenly I'll follow the sport almost religiously.  I guess I'm crazy like that.  While I was sick last week, I started a BUNCH of different teams in different leagues.  I just thought that doing the live drafting was fun.  So I'm now the proud owner of some amazing teams like the Utah Billy Goats, the Logan French Fries, and the Utah SwineFlus.  I'm doing pretty well!

So I'm back at work again.  Today is my first shift back.  I just heard multiple examples of why I got sick in the first place bellowing across the computer lab... ("Cough!  Cough!"  "SNEEEZE!" (Yes, people just said those words loudly.  Actually, no, they didn't.  I'm a liar.) "Kehhhhwga, Kfwehaqg!")  My point, is that people come to the computer lab when they're sick.  I swipe their card and neglect to sanitize my hands every half hour... I get the Swiggity Flizzle.  Oh well, at least I'm done with it.

Things are going well with school.  My professors are all being pretty cool about me catching up.  So things are good. 

K, well, bye.

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