Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oops!/Woot! ... I forgot to sign it...

So, I know that in my recent post about game shows I pointed out a reason why I'm like 70 year old women.  However, in many ways I'm like a 9 year old.  (addiction to cookies and McDonalds?)  Another reason I'm rather like a 9 year old is that my signature is not great.  Ok... it's awful.  I might as well just scribble nonsense.  It would probably be better.  And even though many people's signatures are rather scribbley, at least their scribbles flow and are consistent from signature to signature.  I'm INCAPABLE of having a consistent signature. 

Yeah... so I'm not consistent... or great at it.  I just have not very consistent hand-writing period.  So anyway, I've often been mocked for my signature.  (Even by my own mother.)

Anyway, the point of bringing all of that up is that today I had to fax a cover letter and résumé to a gentleman that may or may not be having me intern at his law firm next summer.  (May not might be more likely after the event that I'm about to tell you about.)  So I carefully planned my cover letter and résumé, and tried to make them as professional as possible.  I printed them off at the computer lab and went to the copy center in the student center to fax them.  The girl there handed me a fax cover sheet to fill out, and I noticed that I hadn't signed my cover letter yet.  I thought, "Oh, I'll sign that after I fill this out."  Then my pen died.  I grabbed a new pen and carried on in filling out the cover fax sheet.  Then I handed the papers to her to fax.  Upon getting my receipt after paying with my credit card I was asked to sign it.  Suddenly I remembered... "CRAP!  I forgot to sign my letter.  It's going to look all goofy with the space for my signature.  Oh well, what's done is done." 

So... that's my story.  You've seen my signature.  Or at least my sad attempts at a signature.  Should I be glad or sad that I didn't sign my cover letter?

ALSO:  I love Institute!  I went to my Doctrines of the Gospel class with Brother Jacobs tonight and had a great time.  I love the uplift that I get from Institute.  Yesterday I was crazy stressed and worried, but tonight I feel great, even though I still have tons to get done.  I'm very relaxed and I owe all the thanks to Institute, and the Spirit's guidance for me in my life.  What a great feeling that is! 

Awesome songs that I rocked-out to while writing this blog post, and practicing my signature a million times:
"Uptight" by Imagine Dragons
"The Tain" by The Decemberists
"Crawling Towards The Sun" by The Hush Sound
"XFire" by The Bens
"Reading" by Matt Pond PA
"One" (live) by U2
"The World" by Earlimart
"In Other Words" by Ben Kweller

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