Thursday, June 17, 2010

Campaign fun! Bridgewater v. Lee

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This campaign has been fun to watch, but it stinks when people get away with low-blows. There have been a lot of these low-blows by Lee's opponents. For Instance:

1. Ten days before the convention a robocall falsely accused Lee of accepting $150,000 in illegal support from an out-of-state source. No one took credit and no one has found the source of the calls.
2. A mailer was sent to delegates claiming the illegal contributions as well.
3. A day before the convention the infamous “temple” mailer hit and one-third of the delegates thought it came from Lee.
4. Earlier this week, an unidentified robocall said Chaffetz had endorsed Lee. Both Lee and Chaffetz denied it.

With this pattern there is almost certain to be one more dirty trick. Whereas there's only one candidate left facing Mike Lee, there's little question in my mind who will be behind it. It seems that Bridgewater is getting pretty desperate. He apparently got pummeled by Mike this morning on KSL, as the poll on their site is HEAVILY in favor of Mike Lee.

Go Mike! (I promise this is the last Mike Lee-themed entry until election day. (Tuesday) )

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  1. "I promise this is the last Mike Lee-themed entry until election day."

    I don't believe you.

    Teehee. Still love ya, though.