Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where to begin?! Lee v. Bridgewater, P90X, Sun Rape, or U of U Law School?!

The screen-captured photo to the right is awesome.  It is the ad for Mike Lee's U.S. Senate campaign that showed up here on my blog.  Woot!  Mike is seriously my favorite candidate of the two.  I've learned this week that Tim Bridgewater's campaign fights DIRTY.  I'm not going to go into detail, but I've seen some sides of this campaign that I didn't expect.  And apparently Tim is about to launch a negative TV ad campaign.  If I knew nothing about this campaign up to this point and I saw the commercial he's about to start airing, I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR HIM.  No matter what I'd seek another candidate.  His campaign is doing everything it can to lambast my chosen profession, and I do not see alienating an entire profession as a valuable contribution to our nation.  Sorry, Tim.  Even though you never had it to begin with, you've 100% lost my vote.  Anyway, but that's politics for you.  I could ramble on for another half hour about that, but I'll spare you... especially because "you" are my poor friends and family who are probably more than sick of hearing about Mike Lee.

About P90X, I just started it, and it is freakin' hard.  I hurt.  Ev-er-y-where.  And I've only done it for two days now.  Ouch.  At least I know that I'm doing something to my body, for good or for ill.

So, last weekend I rediscovered another one of the reasons I'm the genetic lottery winner (or loser, as my Mom put it--basically I have almost every health oddity or health defect that my parents each have--lucky me) in my family.  I went fly fishing with Jake on the Provo River.  It was a blast, but the sun did a SERIOUS number on my arms and face and neck.  This happens to me every summer.  I get serious burns.  So bad that the first time my friend Julianna saw how badly I get burned she exclaimed, "You don't get sunburned, you get Sun-RAPED!"  The picture above doesn't do the sunburns justice.  (I had actually used some sun block, so there are a few spots that made it out alive, others... not so much.) Anyway, the rest of this week I've been sick, possibly because of the burns solely, and have looked like a leper.  It's been fun.

Now the final topic for this wonderful life-updating blog post of mine, Utah Law.  The University of Utah Law school finally called me this morning to tell me that I'm off of their waiting list, and that they'll now accept me into their law school.  UGH!  On top of that, the dean told me I had only until Monday afternoon to make up my mind.  Double-UGH!  So tomorrow I'm going to find a time to go up to U of U and at least have a look around the campus, as well as maybe go do a session at the Salt Lake temple.  I've got a serious decision to make!  Here are the basics.... at Mason, I will have about $70,000 more of debt when I graduate, give or take.  However, I will have probably a better shot at a job as the market is much larger out there, and George Mason has a better history for landing people in jobs.  I also get to live in a city that I'd love to live in.  At Utah, my living expenses and in-state tuition make my debt load significantly lower.  I can have less stress in that regard.  However, I also think that Utah isn't nearly as good at placing people in jobs, despite their current claims that they are.  (What I hear from people actually going there right now is NOT encouraging... in other words, they were doing ok before the economy went to pot.)  Also, the jobs here will just not compare in salary... so will my debt still take just as long to pay off?  I don't know.

That's the decision.  Plus there are the factors of family, friends, dating, curriculum, the fact that Mason is actually more conservative than Utah, etc.  I struggle to decide these things when talking about such large numbers behind dollar-signs.

Well, that's my life in a nut-shell.  Thanks for catching yourself up.... Jules, and maybe like two other people.... and actually, maybe no one!  At least I got to get all of this out of my brain.


  1. Here's the deal: I don't even know what these people are running for.

    And my advice is to not worry about the money right now and just go where your heart leads you.

  2. They're running to be one of the two U.S. Senators from Utah.

  3. "Much of the debate between the two has focused on their professional backgrounds. Bridgewater is a businessman and one-time lobbyist." Brock Vergakis, Associated Press.

    Tim WAS a lobbyist. I don't know why he pretends he wasn't. The fact that he acts like that never happened is ridiculous.

    Mike at least doesn't pretend his time at the capitol didn't happen. I won't call Mike guilty of ANYTHING until he's actually called guilty by a credible source, not politicians with something to gain. He checked out what he would be doing before-hand to determine it's legality and his source told him he wouldn't need to register, and that he WAS NOT ACTING AS A LOBBYIST.

    Tim Bridgewater has always used the, "But he attacked me first!" strategy when no one has attacked him. He WAS a lobbyist, so I don't see how calling him one is "an attack."

  4. Oh, I'm well aware that nothing is certain with getting a job in this economy. I'm unemployed right now! Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what I'll do, but I think I'm leaning one direction. I'm at least giving it until he calls me on Monday afternoon before I make my final decision.

    And no, I don't know that commenter, he's just one of my hundreds of random stoppers-by.

    I looked up the schedule and printed off the worksheets to keep track of reps. Thanks, again!

  5. Jeff, you need to get SPF 10,000 or something. And a sun rape whistle. You can blow on it when you feel in danger, and someone will come drag you away from the sun's evil rays.

    Or something like that.

    Good luck with the law school decision. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.