Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And you thought I was crazy for talking to myself...

So.  You think I'm crazy for talking to myself sometimes?  Well, at least I don't talk to Google search!

I've noticed that some people don't ask questions in their Google search terms, or even list a topic... they make definitive statements as though they were telling Google what's what.

Crazy Person X's search terms: "I'm hungry"

What is Google search supposed to do?  Make you a sandwich?

Crazy Person Y's search terms: "Obama is a terrible president"

Google can't vote, FOOL!

The reason for this post is the fact that the title of my last post (my review of Inception) has lead many who apparently don't like the film to my blog.  I just saw that someone typed, (I like to imagine furiously, and saying the words out-loud as their fingers flew around the keyboard) "i hate inception," and that brought them here.  I hope that they then had a yelling match with my review of Inception, because it is very much opposing that statement.  Anyway, people are crazy.

And another thing, at least when I talk to myself, I respond.  Google doesn't respond!  .... yet...
K, see ya.

1 comment:

  1. it sort of does... google responds to these sporadic pleas for validation with an endless conglomeration of loosely relevant randomness, culled from the depth of cyberspace. we say to google, 'i hate inception,' and we hope that google will look at us and say, 'that is okay, and in fact, so do all these other people you've never met.'

    you know?