Friday, July 30, 2010

A law school-related annoyance and the formation of my legal ideologies...

One small annoyance that I have with law school stuff is that everything has legal formalities. There's a form for EVERYTHING. The law school is putting together a profile compilation of all the students' pictures and our names and our prior degrees that we've earned. Is there a form that we must sign and mail or fax in? Yes. Honestly... I can't just email you with the information? Who sued over having their picture in a yearbook thingy? Honestly. Lawyers. Lawyers probably kill more trees through paper usage per capita than anyone else on the planet. Small annoyance, but an annoyance, nonetheless.

Also, I've been loving reading all of my fun pre-law summer reading that my brother-in-law assigned me. It's tough though. I'll read one book and think I know exactly how I feel about the constitution, and then a few great paragraphs about an opposing legal theory and I'm off in a new direction. It's fun and difficult to determine exactly what I feel are the most appropriate approaches to the constitution, and to statutory interpretation. But, seeing as the odds of me being a judge one day, especially one that would participate in judicial review, are not great.... I won't count on needing to know where I stand within the next couple months. So far the biggest influences on how I've felt have been Laurence Tribe, Ronald Dworkin, and Justice Antonin Scalia. I really appreciate Clarence Thomas, as well. We'll see where I'll end up on the judicial ideology scale.

K, bye.

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