Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fishing, AGAIN! Woohoo! Albino?

I think Spencer and I have gone fishing three times since I last wrote the post about our fishing trip.  We've been fishing on the Logan River four times in the past few weeks.  Today was a particularly fun day.  We actually had a really slow go of it until we got to one hole that was full of fish we could see.  Spencer caught a nice rainbow out of it, but then we kept seeing some others that looked a bit yellow.  They were weird.  I kind of became obsessed as three of these yellowish fish were all in that hole and would occasionally react to what we threw at them.  I almost caught one by accidentally hooking it in the side, but it quickly got off.  We tried just about everything we had, but to no avail.  Finally we gave up and moved on.  Then just past that hole I saw another yellow fish on the opposite bank.  I cast almost to him a couple times and he looked interested in my fly.  Finally I landed one right where I wanted it and he came flying out of the water and nailed it.  He's the albino rainbow you see in these fine cell phone photos I have here.  (Thanks Spence!)  I was really excited to have finally caught one of the yellow fish so I could see what was up with them.  I also caught a nice brown trout shortly thereafter.  As you can see I was having a good time.  Spencer and I are almost definitely going to be up there as long as it's warm enough.  (My fingers were numb from the cold water!) 
Hmm... pretty sure there's other stuff that I really wanted to write about in here, but oh well.  Sorry about the lack of entries of late.  I've been distracted by a Bulgarian named Claus.   Random stuff.

Ok, well, see you later!


  1. Two things: #1- I need to hear more about the Bulgarian named Claus, and #2- You are actually going to school, aren't you? I'm starting to mix up my two brothers. I thought Jake was the obsessed fisherman.

  2. Nat, just go to the Claus link to learn a bit more. (It's really just a goofy inside joke between me and Julianna and another girl.) And yeah... I am going to school, and yeah... I'm probably fishing more than I should. :)