Sunday, September 27, 2009

LSAT, done. The sequel... with nerdery on the side.

First of all, the fall colors are starting to come out in the canyons. I'm excited for when it looks like this picture all over Cache Valley.

Yesterday was the LSAT again. My second time through it was significantly better. I liked the environment better, the people conducting the test were a lot better, and I felt a lot less anxious about the whole thing. I knew what to expect and got it done. I also felt a LOT less fried when it was over. I'd say I'm 90% sure that my score will at least go up. Whether it will go up very much... I'm not too sure, but I'm pretty sure it's at least going to improve. I sure hope so anyway. I'd be pretty pissed if it didn't. One thing that was pretty darn annoying about the particular test I got was that the 5th section was a second reading comprehension section. UGH. That's the most difficult section for me usually, so I wasn't excited to see it on there twice. I was really hoping to get two analytical reasoning sections. (My favorite by far these days.) Anyway, it's weird to be totally done with the LSAT. Now I have all these random practice LSAT books laying around and nothing to do with them. (I suppose I could let someone take them if they wanted them!)

So, that was the LSAT. Now for the nerdery. Immediately following the test I went to the conference center here on campus and found my Geography Bowl team. I was surprised to see that there were 5 other teams that showed up!!! I can't believe that so many schools actually came to USU for this conference and brought geography bowl teams! Each team consisted of 6 members. We were taken into various rooms where each of us faced one other team. We did this for five rounds. My team was great! First we beat Air Force, then we beat Wyoming, another team from Air Force, followed by some tiny school called Adams State College. Then came the last round... dun dun DUN! Who was the opponent? The only other undefeated team... Kansas State. Yeah, they beat us. Our team got second. Not a very cool story, sorry. I was surprised to see that I got 8th overall. I felt pretty good about that what with only being a Geography minor and all. (I missed making the top 6 and qualifying to get a travel stipend for the Washington D.C. competition by one question. Darn it! Not that I would have gone... but yeah.) I have to admit though, I had a BLAST!
Nerd=me. :)

Well, that was my exciting day yesterday. Have a super day!
K... bye.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I do! Can we discuss usage of whom, the difference between its and it's, as well as play a rousing game of Grammar Punk?!

  2. Discussing the usage of whom sounds great, but I draw the line at Grammar Punk...too complex.

  3. Whoohoo! Freedom fro the LSAT.

    And, really, Jeff. Second? I'm ashamed. I was so looking forward to writing a screenplay about your team and sending it to Disney, but since you didn't win they'll never accept it. (I guess they wouldn't have really accepted it, anyway, unless I made all of the characters poor black kids from an inner city school.)

    Kidding. Good job, Mr. Geography Nerd. Second place is great.