Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi! Some random thoughts on this fine 'Eptember Eve'n

(Uploaded for no good reason, just randomness.)
  • Sometimes I like to randomly put a 'postrophe in words 'at wouldn't norm'ly have 'em.  And some that norm'ly would, too.
  • I enjoy getting sleep a WHOLE lot better than not getting sleep.  Trust me, it's MUCH better.
  • Did you know that while he claimed to have anti-slavery sentiments, George Mason hypocritically had slaves to keep up appearances?
  • I look semi-zombielicious right now.
  • No offense, but that was a really cool word I just invent'd.
  • There was once a law that banned Native Americans from riding horses in California (Before it was a part of the United States).  That was only for the Spaniards or Mexicans.
  • I kinda like college football this year.
  • I cheered for Sammy Sosa n' Mark McGwire.  Oops.
  • The LSAT's 6 days from now.  Crud.  Or yay.  But mostly crud.  5 hours long.
  • I saw in the news that the Army's general that is over the war effort in Afghanistan is recommending that we get many more boots on the ground.  Is this war ever going to end?
  • Aside from the tiredness that is eating my body alive at the moment, I'm quite happy. 
  • "Do you remember the 21st night of September?
    Love was changing the mind of pretenders
    While chasing the clouds away

    Our hearts were ringing
    In the key that our souls were singing.
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember - how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah.

    Hey hey hey,
    Ba de ya - say do you remember
    Ba de ya - dancing in September
    Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day!"  --"September" by Earth Wind and Fire
  • K, see ya.

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