Monday, December 28, 2009

The Best of 2009: Photos of Me

Yeah... it's been a good year.  I have some sweet (and by that, I mean mediocre to satisfactory) photos all chronologically arranged.  Check out 2009 for Jeff...

Happy 23rd B-day Jeff!

Who gets that excited about a dart board?  Jeff does.

I'm a big fat fan of Aggie Basketball.  They were so good last school year!

My friend Taren and I at the awesome Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork!

Jules is chucking some colored powder into the air!

Birthday shindig for a friend in the canyon.

School ended, but Spencer, Bryce and I posed one last time in our Aggie shirts.

My pal Anthony got hitched!  I was one of his groomsmen.  Sweet brown tuxes!  (I'm the bald one!)

Fishing trip with my bro and dad and bro's step-sons.  I miss fishing...

Top of a hill, and me.

Fishing trip with Spencer up Logan Canyon.  I don't think shades are a good look for me.

Nicole and I found FACE-sized leaves!

Super awkward game at the Beach House.  Love them girls!

I watched the Utah State football team look half-decent for a quarter and a half against Boise State.  Again, I'm the bald one!

A Thanksgiving-style feast at the Beach House.  I'm actually eating my veggies!

My character Will Lie wasn't the murderer at the sweet murder mystery party I went to, but I did figure out that Marsha Mellow was to blame!  (I may look inebriated, but I assure you that I am not!)

Spencer and I survived a car wreck and made it to Salt Lake to hang out with some beautiful ladies!

Well, there ya have it.  I enjoyed, survived, and had whole lots of fun throughout 2009.  I made some great friends, watched some good and bad sports, and enjoyed many fun festivities.  I hope 2010 is as enjoyable. 

See ya on the flip side!  K, bye.

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