Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Freaky Dream"

giant red spider!!
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I like when I have dreams. But I don't have ones that I remember very often. So after I just woke up from a nap and still kinda remembered my dream I've decided to hurry and write it down.
There were two parts:
So I was in a small room in some strange house that was kind of bare and seemed old. It had green walls, weird that I remember that. Anyway, it was just me sitting on a chair, a big wooden table that barely fit in the room and on the table was a newspaper which I was looking down at and reading. But then my reading was obstructed by a GIANT chicken egg that was a little bit brown. (I just realized that this comes from seeing an article in the newspaper about the egg industry not doing well or something about 10 minutes before I started my nap.) Anyway, I tried to move the egg to see the next part of the article I was reading but part of it broke. (This egg is like 2 feet tall and about a foot and a half wide.) It started leaking a bit, but then I decided to just read whatever was at the bottom of the page, but I touched that end of the egg and it broke, too. I freaked out and grabbed the whole egg and egg-juice was leaking all over me. It was disgusting. I carried what was left of it to the house's kitchen, washed my hands and then...
I was suddenly in my room. (Here, where I currently am, not some strange house.) I was talking to my friend Julianna when I saw a GIANT red spider crawling in the curtains above my bed. Then it made a weird noise and flew over Jules's head and hit the wall opposite me. I couldn't really see what it was, but now it wasn't really a spider it was more like a flying scorpion. It then crawled back to a section of ceiling between me and Jules and dropped to the floor. (This is reminiscent of the small normal house spider that did just that in my room the other day.) Anyway, I kept saying to Jules, "Where is it? Where is it?" But she wouldn't really answer, and wasn't quite as freaked out about it as I was. This bug was like 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Then Jules told me she saw it. I threw some sort of lego toy contraption at it, and it looked like it was partially crushed. But then the bug picked up the big toy that was like 50 times its size and flew around the room with it. Then Jules and I freaked out. My room kind of became not my room and there was a short hallway in it. I threw open a closet door in the hallway and the bug was trapped behind it and it dropped the Lego toy thingy. Jules said, "Finally! Somewhere it can't get out of!" Just then it found a hole in the door which now had curtains and the bug all the while was making a freaky buzzing noise and it flew through the curtains. It then said, "Finally, I made it through!" Yes, the bug spoke. Then I woke up from my freaky dream to find that my mom had her mixer going up in the kitchen, and that was the noise the freaky giant bug had been making.

There ya go. Also... check out Bret's freaky dream... (Which will show you how I've been pronouncing "freaky dream" every time I've said it in this post):

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  1. Do you remember that one time when there was a spider dangling near my face and you looked at it and said, "Is that a brown recluse?"

    I hate you.

    This dream is your penance.

    I don't really hate you.

    But seriously.