Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye Yasuko...

Today was a great day... with the exception of one sad moment.  This morning I was supposed to have an interview with my Spanish teacher for my final.  It didn't happen because she had her baby a couple days ago.  So that class was done with.  I also had a final in my Mexican American History class that didn't happen because he gave us the option.  I already have an A, so I didn't take it of course.  I also was able to finish my GIS project around 7 am this morning, it felt more like yesterday as I hadn't gone to sleep until after that project was done.  I'm glad that's all done with.  So today was fairly nice.  After I got done with my Mexican American History class, I went to The Hub (food court) to get a slice of pizza.  I remembered that this week is Yasuko's last week selling pizza there.  She is this awesome lady that sells pizza like crazy because she just brings a smile to everyone's face.  She stands in the "Pasta La Bella" all day and shouts, "Hi!  How are you today?  You want some pizza?  So good, yummy!"  Over and over again in her awesome Japanese accent.  She sells WAY more food than the other little stores in The Hub do.  So today I bought one last slice of Hawaiian from her.  She told me that she was not going to be selling any more pizza, and handed me her signature!  Awesome!  "Pizza Lady."  I will sure miss her.  The Hub just won't be the same without her.  I honestly will probably never go there again!  I would literally only go there sometimes just because I wanted to buy pizza from her. 

Farewell, Yasuko!

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  1. That makes me so sad! I'll never get to meet her. :-( I'm glad your day went so well, Jeff!