Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with Half-Centenarians, Things I Shouldn't Announce, and Other Assorted Christmas Thoughts

Hi! Hmm... I guess I should actually start with, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I've had a great Christmas break so far.  I was able to finish all my law school applications, I've been able to hang out with most of my friends and siblings, and today and yesterday were enjoyable.  Christmas is kind of funny these days though.  It's funny how I remember a year when my Mom's side of the family (all her siblings and their kids) all had our Christmas party here at my parent's house.  We were VERY crowded in, but we did it.  Then we got so we basically HAD to have the party in church buildings or it could never happen.  Now when just my immediate family (my siblings and their kids and spouses, and my parents) get together for a party here, we feel really cramped in at times.  I wonder how much longer it will be before we feel like we need to do our own family party in a church building.  I really still enjoy the extended family party.  It's fun having traditions that last.  After our big shindig last night I played games with my mom all night.  I've decided that I really like hanging out with her despite her Half-Centenarian status.  :)  (Yeah, I just wanted to use that hyphenated word.  I think it sounds cool.)  In sum, I believe we played 5 different games, and we played each multiple times.  We even taught ourselves a new game --Briscola. 
We played Canasta as well, which reminds me of a conversation I had the other day.  I was hanging out with Jules and we were playing cards when I blurted out, "Guess what?!  I beat my mom at Canasta last night!"  She laughed at me and pointed out that that's not something most people would ever bring up to others, and it didn't help that I usually lose and so actually winning was therefore a rarity.  I was genuinely excited about beating her.  To make things worse I made another such announcement the other day when Spencer and I went to Salt Lake to meet up with a bunch of friends.  We were out to eat and upon returning from the Applebee's bathroom I proclaimed proudly, "I just did the moonwalk in the bathroom!"  They all laughed at me, and they also pointed out the infrequency of such admissions among normals.  I'm clearly not a normal.
Anyway, it's enjoyable hanging out with my Half-Centenarian parents most of the time.  It was pretty funny this morning.  Christmas morning used to be THE big event, but now it's like, "Ok, let's all open these presents and get this day moving."  That's how it gets when it's just Mom, Dad, and the son that isn't married yet.  I think my mom misses having younglings around.  She's always so concerned that each Christmas contains "surprises" for me.  She always gets me WAY more than I deserve.  I enjoy it, but I think I'm pretty spoiled.  I was very happy with what I got this year, and was really happy that she got me the only thing that I REALLY wanted: an iTunes gift card.  I get so freakin' excited about having money to spend on music that I think the phrase "like a kid in a candy store" should be permanently replaced by "like Jeff with a gift card for the iTunes Store" for when someone is excited about something.  Now I just need to decide what I want to buy.  I love new music!  Any great suggestions?
So, anyway, I love my folks and I'm glad I get to hang out with them.  I should probably not announce the things I'm proud of without running them through some normalcy filters first.  I've had a great Christmas, and hope the same for you! 
K, see ya!

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  1. To Lindsay: I was in a car accident.

    Also, yes, I wish to join you for games. Tomorrow night would work in fact.