Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My first big car accident...

Let's start with the moral of the story: If the road is icy and slippery, drive slow.

Last night, my cousin Spencer and I were headed to Salt Lake and, as I'm sure you guessed from the moral, the freeway was icy and slick. We were cruising along when we saw a car in the middle lane spinning. Spencer fortunately saw him and started slowing down. That car spun into our lane and Spencer was smart and slowed to a stop but didn't brake too quickly. We stopped just short of hitting the car. Then there was a truck that passed us on the inside in the emergency lane. (We were in the carpool lane.) Right after that guy went past us we got hit hard. Fortunately Spencer still had his foot on the brake so we didn't run into the car that we'd just stopped behind. So both of us started calling people, and the guys in the car behind us that had hit us jumped out and were in the emergency lane. Finally a couple witnesses showed up; a super nice lady that drove a Wal-Mart semi, and a cop that was apparently right alongside us when it happened. The cop came and told me that when the car behind us hit us, our truck flew in the air pretty high. Spencer and I hadn't noticed! The poor guys that hit us had actually hit the truck that passed us on the inside, and then spun to the side and hit our truck sideways. Their car was accordioned sideways. One of them had blood in his mouth, but overall, they were both fine. They were VERY lucky. They were in a tiny car, and hit Spencer's dad's HUGE truck sideways. And the truck didn't move. Anyway, they ended up getting the blame for hitting both of us because they were clearly driving too fast. About the time Spencer and I figured out what actually caused the accident we both realized that our necks that felt fine at first were kinda sore. My soreness went away fairly quickly though. Anyway, that was my first big accident. I've only been in minor fender-benders before that. I was just really glad that everyone was alright.
K, see ya.

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