Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are the U.S. Olympic Snowboarders wearing jeans?!

Shaun White (USA)
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I noticed something pretty cool while I was watching the U.S. snowboarders on the Olympics. They're just wearing jeans! Ok... no actually they aren't. My roommates and I debated for quite a while whether or not they were wearing jeans for their Olympic uniforms, but it turns out that Burton made them so-called "Anti" Uniforms. Their snowpants are made to look just like a torn up and faded pair of blue jeans, and their tops look like plaid shirts. I think it's pretty cool actually. Check them out.


In other random news Mitt Romney got attacked on a plane. He's just fine.

K, see ya!

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  1. Seriously, the Olympics are the best. Aww, so sad for Lindsay Jacobellis. She just got knocked out of Snowboard Cross before the final. She's the one that did a trick in 2006 and got the silver because she crashed after her trick.