Wednesday, February 24, 2010

George Mason, I'm comin' to visit.

George Mason Memorial
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I don't know exactly where this George Mason Memorial statue is, but I will find it! I'm really excited. I've bought my plane tickets and will be going to Washington DC for my spring break! Woot! The funny thing is that I had my friend Ty who was going to go with me all along, but then last night Spencer decided that he might want to go, too. I told him the flights Ty and I had booked and he set up the same itinerary on Expedia, but then something paralyzed the man... BUYER'S REMORSE! Before he could even buy the tickets he had a raging case of it. He couldn't get himself to click the button and stared at the computer for probably over an hour. Finally he tempted me to click it for him, and so I did. However, there was some error. He started it all over again. Then he started dropping his wallet on my laptop in hopes that his wallet would click the button for him, because he couldn't do it. Finally it clicked and he's coming to DC! I was laughing pretty hard at the whole scene.

So anyway, I'm excited. Did I say that already? I haven't left the state since 2007, and I'm pretty excited to do so. I also haven't been on a plane since then. I really like getting to fly to places, but the funny thing is that we're going to be on some smaller planes (even one with propellers!) and those freak me out. I'm always excited and nervous when I fly.

I'm excited to go check out George Mason's law school though. This trip could really sway my decision.

Anyway, I'll quit blabbering.

To end this post I'll leave you with these immortal words from my good pal George:
"A few years' experience will convince us that those things which at the time they happened we regarded as our greatest misfortunes have proved our greatest blessings."
--George Mason

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  1. FYI:This lovely memorial of George is located in West Potomac Park near the Jefferson Memorial. So, I hope you have fun!