Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Calm down, Jeff. --A little advice from Abe Lincoln.

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." - Abraham Lincoln

(Abe has some great quotes, and some that are NOT cool. Like I've said to many friends, being a history major is no fun because it destroys your pleasant view of all your historical heroes. In other words you find out that they're human.)

I think I have been acting really stressed lately. I always make myself sick when I get like this. It's like I always feel like there's some part of my life that is deficient and needs urgent fixing and I rush from deficiency to deficiency. Then I eventually have a day like today when I get a bad headache and realize that I can just calm down and things will be just fine. And they will be. For real. I have nothing to be stressing about really. Things will work out, they always do for me when I just keep a positive attitude. (See President Hinckley quote on my Quotes post.)

So, I'm choosing to be happy for now. Thanks Abe!

Lost starts tonight, and I'm pretty darn pumped for it. However, I need to request that NO one tells me anything about it until I have a chance to see it tomorrow. I have institute tonight.

The Utah Jazz are awesome. I was worried during the 3rd quarter of their game last night that they might drop it to the Mavericks, but they held on and won by about 10. That's 6 W's in a row. Do you know who else has 6 W's in a row? Yes, my Utah State Aggies. Awesome. They got a good pairing for ESPN's BracketBusters and will hopefully come out on top over Wichita State, especially because it's in the Spectrum.

Well, I'll see ya later.


  1. great, thanks for ruining Abe for me too.

  2. He doesn't have to be ruined for you, just know that he certainly wasn't perfect.