Friday, February 12, 2010

A fellow Aggie fan makes it on SportsCenter's Not Top Ten, he's numero uno!

Bill Sproat lives across the street from me.  Dude's huge.  He's pretty hilarious, too.  His antics behind the basket during opposing teams' free throws are legendary here on campus, but now they've hit a national level.  Bill's effort against Idaho was on SportsCenter's Not Top Ten List.  He was number one on their countdown.  Here is the actual footage from the game on ESPN 2 as well:

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE going to the games? They are so fun. In other Utah State news, the Logan City Police have finally caught a suspect who they claim is the infamous "Logan Lurker." Dude has robbed about 20 apartments and had gotten away from a ton of them by just saying, oh, I was looking for so-and-so. He'd convince people that he was just lost, or was looking for a neighbor. Crazy that people caught him in the middle of the night and didn't catch on to the fact that they'd been robbed until the next morning. He was smooth. Anyway, it seems the police found their man as they caught him with stuff he'd stolen yesterday morning that had been reported already.

As for me, I'm apparently feeling rather sporadic today as I just accepted a "free hug" from people carrying those signs around campus on my way to work. Highly unusual for someone as non-touchy-feely as myself.

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