Friday, February 5, 2010


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Boo. The University of Illinois decided they were too good for my kind! I had been looking at my websites (,, and to see how other people were fairing at U. of Illinois U-C this year and it didn't look like I'd get in. Sure enough I was rejected. Although I liked that they used the word "Denied" on my online status checker. For some reason it's funny... (Wayne's World?)

Woah. I just saw a girl that I dated a couple years ago and haven't seen since. She's married now and looks ten years older.

So, I've had one of those days. Things haven't gone my way today, more specifically last night. I didn't sleep much and I feel like crap now. Oh well.

And now, two of my favorite SportsCenter Commercials, just because.

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  1. Do you think marriage automatically makes people look 10 years older, or was this just a special case?