Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caron Butler banned from chewing straws?

Caron Butler
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So, apparently I've missed this story that was reported about three years ago, but NBA guard Caron Butler chews on straws while he plays. He apparently likes chewing on McDonalds and Burger King straws.

Anyway, about the new news, ESPN Dallas has reported that after recently being traded to the Dallas Mavericks the NBA has only now enforced that he's not allowed to chew straws. While it has always been an obvious choking hazard, The Baseline has suspicion about why the sudden enforcement happened: "It's no surprise that they're not allowing Butler his in-game vice. David Stern is proven to be in the bag for the Lakers, the West's marquee franchise. When the Mavs traded for Butler and Brendan Haywood, they sent a clear message to L.A. that they were serious about making the Finals. Stern's only course of action was to deprive Butler of his precious straws."

I don't think I'd go that far, but it is really weird that they'd let it go on for so long and only after he gets traded do they enforce him not chewing on them. (I should point out that it's only WHILE he's playing; on the bench, he can go to town.)

I'm curious to know if it will affect his game at all. I'd have to imagine that it would have some small effect. If someone banned me from downing milk and cookies while writing research papers or studying, then I may have a noticeably poorer performance. Gotta get my fix!

Here's the real question, has no one ever told this guy about chewing gum? He makes millions, surely he can afford to buy some Extra instead of swiping straws from MickeyD's.

Hmm... k, see ya.

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