Thursday, March 4, 2010

Racquetball did not go well today...

Yeah, I got my butt kicked at racquetball today. Spencer beat me 6 games to 2. Ouch. We played forever though. Apparently I have one excuse for so much losing, I'm getting sick again. Ugh. Mid-semester, right on schedule. At least I know it's not the Swine Flu again. Woot.

Getting super excited for D.C. Can't wait.

Back to racquetball: How is it that really ancient guys, like those pictured above, can handle racquetball? It KILLS my knees. They get super sore. I thought old guys are supposed to have particularly crappy joints. Maybe they just know how to play way better than I do. There's a VERY good chance of that.

Whatever. K, bye.

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