Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still a tough decision... what do you have to say, Danny Glover?

So, I'm just chillin' here at work, bored out my skull.  (As you can see from totally random video I just put on youtube.)

I got waitlisted at BYU afterall, so my choice is narrowed a bit.  My current plan, which could change within the next week or so, is to pay my seat deposits at Arizona State and George Mason, and then see if I don't come off the waiting list of any of BYU, Utah, or (haha) William and Mary.  Again, Houston could only change my mind at this point by offering some crazy scholarship, and the other schools are pretty much done.  I'm withdrawing from Akron and Cincinnati, just to declutter my decision a bit. (Update: actually, I can't get myself to send these emails.  I'm having such a hard time ruling schools out entirely.  Arg.)  This is still a really tough decision for me though.  I wish that a brick would fall from the sky, shatter upon impact with my parking lot, reveal a hidden scroll within that unrolls, and proclaims the law school that is perfect for me.  Somehow I doubt that will happen.  Just a hunch.

Anyway, life's good.  I can kind of taste graduation now.  I just found out that none other than the famous star from such blockbusters as Lethal Weapon, The Rainmaker, and Lethal Weapon 4, the incomparable, outstanding, groovy kick-trash cool actor, Danny Glover will be the commencement speaker at our graduation!  Awesome.

K, see ya.

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  1. DANNY GLOVER!! That's awesome possum. Wasn't he in that movie with Martin Short where he gets stung by a bee and puffs up (Something with "luck" in the title?). SA-WEET! Yeah, I don't think you can go wrong with George Mason and AZ State. Both great. Too bad the hardest decisions are between a right and a right. Good luck! I do hope a brick falls from the sky, but just so that you can be on KSL news, and I can be interviewed. Shutting up now.