Thursday, May 13, 2010

Muddled Brain Syndrome...

I was having a tremendous conversation with my good friend Julianna yesterday and we started talking about purpose. Not the purpose of life, or anything profound or philosophical or the like, just a present purpose for getting out of bed... some productivity.

At the moment. I'm like Stonehenge. Look at it. It's pretty cool, but it's so... pointless. It's just a bunch of rocks in a circle. Look at me. I'm pretty cool. But as of right now, I'm jobless, and hence I feel kinda pointless. I'm currently feeling like just a bunch of flesh and bones in a circle.... wait... ok, took that analogy too far. No, I'm not in a circle... although I'm trying to reverse the process of weight-gain that had subtly been turning me into more of a spherical object.

THE POINT: Having no job right now has made my brain feel muddled. I have only been without a job for about 5 or 6 days, and I'm feeling really unproductive and out of sorts. SOMEONE FREAKING HIRE ME BEFORE MY BRAIN IS A PERMA-CLOUD! Woah, sorry about the yelling. But I was just explaining that I feel like not having anything to urgently be thinking about or applying my brain to in the present or near-present has left my brain feeling sluggish.

The good news: I can start my reading list for future 1Ls. My brother-in-law was awesome and gave me a few books to get my summer rolling, and has given me a summer's worth of a reading list to get me prepped a bit for the school year ahead of me. (If I complain of boredom this summer, just remind me to read, it will be good for me. Thanks.) ALSO, I'm finally feeling pretty good and settled into my choice. I know I have said stuff like that before, or maybe I haven't... anyway, I'm excited to go to George Mason, and I feel like it's where I need to be headed. That's a big relief, and maybe now that that's not weighing on my mind quite as much, my mind isn't as constantly occupied with "law school" thoughts as it has been for the last... who knows how long? Hence I have Muddled Brain Syndrome. No job or school work to currently occupy the "Jeff must be stressing over something" section of this crazy brain of mine.

Uh... I don't know if that felt concluded, but I want to conclude writing.
K, see ya.

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