Monday, May 10, 2010

My first Jazz game in years...and they lost.

Well, the Jazz were swept by the Lakers. That's just plain sad. I'll hope for a better year next season.

I went to the game tonight with my dad. It was fun. However, I realized that I actually had way more fun at the Utah State games where the crowd plays an even bigger role than the Jazz's crowd, which is one of the best in the NBA. But again, I really did enjoy yelling and cheering with my dad. I think my suspicion of the NBA officiating stems almost entirely from him. Because we sound the same about a lot of the calls that go the Laker's way. But, again, as my earlier post said, it's just a game for entertainment value, and is a business to get mulah. Of course the reffing is going to have bias issues.

I freaking love Deron Williams and I'm really glad that the Jazz have him. I can't wait to see if they can get someone great to replace Boozer (who was not that impressive in this series against the Lakers). They just need one great big man and this team could really go places. We'll see. Perhaps this season was the best one the Jazz will have in a while, but hopefully this is just a sign of better ones to come.

Anyway, despite how fair-weather I tend to be about the Jazz, I really do enjoy cheering for them. Fun stuff.

K, bye.

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  1. Brian was at that game also. Needless to say, Noah is quite distraught over the outcome.