Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jam Trickery Sniffer?

My friend Julianna came over to visit this evening and we discovered a pretty hilarious way to kill some time.  We got on the subject of anagrams, and decided to look up an anagram server on the interweb.  We discovered  Jules decided that we should try out our names and see what we came up with.  Mine immediately had some pretty hilarious results.  (When you have over 55,000 word combos made from your name, there are bound to be funny ones.)

Some of my most favorite outcomes from my name (aside from the title of this post which is by far the best):
Anemic Jerk First Fry
Miscreant Jerky Riff
Try Infirm Jerk Faces
Try Mr. Canker Jiffies
Cream Jerky Fin First
Crane Jerky Firm Fist
Carney Jerks Firm Fit
Mercenary Jiff Skirt
Farmer Inject Frisky
Fancier Jet Fry Smirk

Yeah, this probably isn't as funny if you weren't here laughing at these with us.  Um, bye.

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  1. You a cayenne re re thighs. Just remember that, Jeff.